I tried to get some sleep that night- really I did! But I think the adrenaline, the drugs, the fluids, the catheter (yuk) and the messages of support from family and friends just kept me awake.

I managed to nod off for a little bit but then noticed a gush that soaked through my pyjamas. I called the midwife and she cleaned me up and changed my bed. It was just a little blood that couldn’t be contained by the mattress sized pads I was wearing! I drifted off once more and then woke up again to the sheets completely wet! This time, the urinary catheter tubing had come apart and there was urine EVERYWHERE! All I could do was laugh as the midwife cleaned me up again and changed the sheets. Again.

I was up early the next morning for a blood test to check iron levels to see if I needed a transfusion and then I had breakfast. I got one of the catheter ports in my arm removed and the urinary catheter taken out. The midwife said to me “I will just put a jug in the bathroom, we need 300ml of urine to make sure your bladder is functioning properly”. Easy, I thought. I got up for the shower and peed 100ml. I called the midwife to tell her I was 1/3 of the way there and she said that it needed to be 300ml at once! Bugger! So I started drinking! I had my shower, went for a walk to visit IP’s and to have more cuddles and photos. S was organising my discharge paperwork just in case I was able to go home that day. My blood loss was decreasing and I was feeling okay. Hubby got the kids on the phone that morning and they were upset that they couldn’t see mummy so I did have a cry about that, so was determined to get my 300ml so I could leave!

After drinking to bursting point, I started to collect my sample. I filled past 100ml, 200ml, 400ml, 600ml, 800ml, 1000ml! I reached the top of the jug and did the rest in the loo. I couldn’t believe my bladder had just released over 1000ml of urine! I was giggling so much when I told hubby (who had to see it for himself!) and the midwife couldn’t believe her eyes! It was then we were told that not only did I need 300ml once, but another 2 times as well! I had just done my entire 3 samples in one but needed to do it AGAIN and AGAIN! By this time, I wasn’t laughing. I was frustrated. Was it me who wasn’t understanding the instructions or was it the midwife who wasn’t explaining things well enough? (this wasn’t S, it was a midwife on the ward)

So I started drinking again… The good news is that a decision was made to let me do only 1 more sample, so all I needed was more than 300ml. I remember saying to hubby “If I get 250ml, you can pee the remaining 50ml so we can get out of here!”. Thankfully it didn’t get to that as 1 hour later (yep, 1 hour later!) I did another 800ml!!! We laughed again at that one!

So off home we went.


11 thoughts on “BIRTH STORY- Part 5

  1. First off WOOOHOOO glad hes here and well! You did amazing! Second im soooo sorry it was so bad at the end! You know I know all to well about that scary stuff! I had two transfusions! Third ewwwww you felt inside for your waters ugggg I was never brave enough for that lol.

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  2. I’ve been meaning to reply for forever now and never quite seem to. First. AMAZING! You are one amazing person. Reading your story had me so emotional. You’re one of the first blogs I started following when I began my journey and it just moved me so much to see this happy end result. It gives me such hope and courage for my own journey.

    I am so sorry you had the horrible experience with the placenta issues after delivery. I actually had to stop reading a few times because the mental picture made me ill so I can’t even imagine what you actually went through.

    I’ve been considering a natural birth but after reading that I was like… “Oh. Um, Epidural now, please!” lol. Not for the actual birth part, just because of the description of them pushing on your tummy afterwards. Yikes.

    Thanks for sharing!!!! 🙂

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  3. Ok so i’ve just read your whole birth story and I’m not going to lie, i’m a little bit of a mess, haha. It sounds like such an amazing experience and I am so inspired by the relationship between you and your IP. It’s so nice to (read, hear?) that you were able to be supported by them and your husband. I can’t believe your blood clots, it all sounds so painful for you! Loved the bit about your husband possibly having to do the last 50mL, i’m glad it didn’t come to that for both of you 😉

    Thank you so much for sharing your journey, it’s fantastic to read I felt like I was in the room! May I ask what inspired you to become a surrogate? It is such an amazing, selfless act and it has really inspiring to me to do something to help someone that can’t do something for themselves but I don’t know where to start. Hoping this doesn’t sound too soppy, but I think you are a really incredible person, and your husband too for doing this for someone. I feel so many emotions for you and your IP’s it’s just fantastic.

    I hope you are doing well, embracing the cooler weather! This is our first full (and last for a while) Victorian winter so I am determined to enjoy it 😉 x


    • A good mess or a bad mess? lol

      Thanks lovely. Although I am proud of what we have achieved, I don’t see myself as any more special than anyone else. I have a body that does pregnancy and birth well and I wanted to use it to help someone else. Its not quite that black and white but its not far off! I couldn’t imagine my life without my kids- even though sometimes I REALLY want a break from them. So to see many others who so desperately want to have children but cant, I felt I had something to offer so at least they would have hope.
      We are well- VIC winters suck! I feel like I want to move to QLD for the winter but stay in Melb for the summer. If I win tattslotto maybe it will be a reality…


      • A good mess, haha sorry I should have specified. It’s just a really lovely story and you should feel so very proud to be able to give people that feeling of hope. It’s just refreshing to know that there are people out there that can see the true desire behind peoples intentions and dreams of having a family. I had a feeling you would say something humble like that! But yes, before coming across you or you coming across me I felt like our journey was ending but you have given me so much hope that there is possibilities and options after when many people would say there is not. It’s made me more hopeful, determined and almost excited to know that there is still a chance for us. Hence – the (good) mess. The ability to have hope is something we haven’t had too much of lately, and I like that feeling. (thank you!)

        M & I grew up on the Sunshine Coast and then moved to Brisbane; it’s such an amazing place to live, but those summers are sooo warm and humid! Now we live on the Border, it’s a really dry heat in Summer and then extreme cold in winter. Apparently we had our first tiny fall of snow the other week up the mountains, so I think we are in for a cold winter!

        Fingers crossed you do win Lotto, I feel as though splitting your time between QLD/VIC would be a worthwhile investment 😉 xx


      • Phew! Happy to take credit for a good mess lol
        There is definitely still a chance for you- lots of options, lots of information and of course, hope from the stories of those who have been successful against odds. No lotto win last weekend 😦


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