7 weeks post birth- Happy New Year!!

On Wednesday just past, my little passenger, Ethan was 7 weeks old! Time is whipping by at a rate of knots!

But first- happy new year to all of those lovely people who take the time to read my musings. I do appreciate you and although my posts wont be as frequent in 2015, I will still do all I can to keep you up to date with the progress on what comes next in my surrogacy world.

Now, for a proper update.

Christmas was great but (as usual)- busy. As the kids are getting older, they are a little more excited about Santa and the prospect of presents! The highlight was definitely my dad dressing up as Santa to hand out presents to the kidlets- they thought it was exciting and scary (“Santa knows my name, mum!”) at the same time! The lowlight was the attitude towards me post birth from some of my extended family members. I was a little disappointed that some didn’t even ask how I was recovering or how Ethan was going. The topic isn’t taboo! I am not going to get emotional and say I want to keep him!!! Am I being precious?

This holidays, we set ourselves a challenge! Having multiples and another child all close in age, sometimes it is easier to just stay in then go out with them. They are all runners and on a good day, will all run in the same direction! Also, I couldn’t do a whole heap of physical stuff with them before I gave birth so instead of letting that mummy guilt creep in, we made up for it with a vengeance! Cue “Holidays at home”.

Here is what we did:

Day #1- Healesville Sanctuary
Day #2- Watching planes take off and land at the airport
Day #3- Riding bikes at the park
Day #4- Scienceworks
Day #5- Bollygum park- Kinglake
Day #6- Werribee Zoo
Day #7- Inflatable world!
Day #8- (Hot day, so no outing) Birthday BBQ at home for Aunty Kel
Day #9- Miniature Railway
Day #10- Fairy Park
Day #11- The movies- we saw Big Hero 6
Day #12- Trip to the shops
Day #13- Friends over and a trip to the park
Day #14- The activity planned for that day was cancelled as the kids were misbehaving!
Day #15- Chocolate factory
Day #16- Melbourne Zoo

Boy did we make some memories! We took lots of photos and when I have time, I will make us all a book of our holiday adventures. The good part was we always came back home so the kids could sleep in their own beds. At night, daddy and I would open a bottle of wine and watch a movie. I think we watched about 12 over that time! Some old, some new, some in between.

So how am I feeling post birth…?

Really good, actually! Mentally, I have no maternal feelings towards Ethan, nor do I have any sensation or feelings of loss. I did get a little teary when I saw him last but that was only cause we hadn’t seen him since before Christmas and he was just growing so fast and incredibly cute!! Physically, I FINALLY stopped bleeding early this week which means I can FINALLY go swimming again! My tear has healed really well and I have put a bit of weight on that I lost post birth so I definitely look a little healthier! I think it was the wine. Although I wish my boobs would stop leaking!!! I took the meds but there is still some boobie juice in there that just wont get the hint! Thank goodness its not enough to justify breast pads and there have been no embarrassing patches on my clothes. Phew! Although I did notice a large lump in my boob which was unusual, so I got it checked out. It was nice to have it confirmed by ultrasound as a swollen milk duct (about the size of a small marble), even though I was pretty sure that’s what it was anyway.

I had a repeat Gestational Diabetes test last week and passed that- yay! My 6 week check up has been scheduled for 8 weeks (slight clerical mix up) but that’s okay. I will see the Ob next Friday and he will give me a pap smear and put in the mirena. Our midwives have been in touch and we have had a catch up as well which was great. They wanted to know how I was going, how IP’s were coping with a cheeky newborn and of course, had to see photos of Ethan!

My GP checked my iron the other week and although the results were at the lower end of “normal”, they were still quite low for me when comparing to 3 previous levels. I will be on iron tablets for another couple of months and then will have another blood test. But my energy is almost back to its peak from pre-birth so I think they will be on the rise. I am back at the gym now which is great for my mental and physical release at the end of the week. Its great that I can be more physical with the kids now too.

Looking back, it seems like forever ago that I gave birth! I do miss my little passenger being inside me but what I love so much more is our IP’s with a baby in their arms. Their smiles are genuine, they smile with their eyes and whole face now instead of just their mouths (if that makes sense). IM said to me the other day that she had built up motherhood in her mind and anticipated what it would be like and that actually being there- being a mumma- exceeded everything that she had thought it would be. Wow. That’s it there. THAT is why I became a surrogate. They are both doing a wonderful job, even though at times, Ethan is NOT interested in sleeping at all! I know what that’s like and part of me is so empathetic and the other is glad its not me! lol

We are still waiting on the Birth Certificate. I have been checking out their website and their average turnaround time is 27 business days. So hopefully with all of the public holidays, it’s not too far away. I just want it to hurry up so we can start the legal side of things. I want Ethan to officially be his parents child!

Here are some photos from our holidays and a special little visitor who I saw again this week…


Cuddles with Master Ethan, my number 1 surro bubba!


I caught a smile (albeit blurry) on camera!


The twins zonked on the floor of their bedroom after one of our big outings!

The lovely ladies at Kidspot have asked me for some info for a follow up piece so I am looking forward to sharing that with you when it gets published!

Until next time xo


2 thoughts on “7 weeks post birth- Happy New Year!!

  1. I adore your pictures. They’re always so precious! I’m glad to hear things are progressing nicely post-baby and that the test results are good! Your holiday activies with the kids sound like so much fun… especially the visit to the chocolate factory and the zoo trips. My kiddo loves when we go to the zoo which reminds me when need to visit as soon as it warms up again!

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