11 weeks post birth- Pondering, pondering, pondering……

Can you believe that my adorable little passenger man is 11 weeks old tomorrow?! Completely insane!!


He came over on the weekend and I got to have some cuddles.






The kids of course smothered him! Wanted cuddles, wanted to touch his face and nose, make cute faces at him so he would smile and call him “cute” and “babycakes”. The love they have for him is enormous and I LOVE watching them together!!


I am feeling really well. Sometimes I forget that I even had a baby 11 weeks ago. My body has bounced back remarkably (its amazing what happens when you don’t have a baby to look after!) and I still get that surro high when I see Ethan, or see pics of him or see his mummy and daddy so happy. So much so that it makes me want to do it all over again! It took a toll on the kids a bit and my mum would kill me- as would hubby I think! I keep telling myself that I wont make a decision until 2016 but there are so many unbelievable, worthy, brilliant IP’s out there who so deserve a baby and part of me wants to jump in head first and have babies for ALL of them! Then I look at the processes in our state. They are so long (for a reason, I know) and they make you jump through so many hoops. I would not be a surro interstate so that would be part of what I would need to go through again. So that not only involves me but my family as well. Ah- so many things to think about! I wont jump ahead of myself though. My body needs time to recover from birth, so any transfer wouldn’t be until Ethan turns 1- at the earliest. So for the next X period of time, I will continue to back and forth about whether this is for me again or not. You can read my inevitable ramblings about it!


Good news! The birth certificate for Ethan arrived!!! That means we can REALLY make a start on the process of getting things formalised and ready for the courts. I must admit though that it was very weird to see his name on the BC, with our kids classed as his siblings and us as his parents. I know that’s the legal way for it to be, but he is not our baby! Nothing will give me greater pleasure than seeing his true and biological parents on that BC.


I am getting back into the swing of things at work. After child care prices were raised in the new year, I worked out that I could earn more by working less so reduced my days in the office. So we are getting back into a routine and I am challenging myself by taking the kids out on each of the days I have at home which will benefit all of us I think! I am still volunteering lots of my time to the surrogacy community and to Kidspot, so I am busy, busy, busy!


Until next time, my curious cats xo


5 thoughts on “11 weeks post birth- Pondering, pondering, pondering……

  1. Wow Renee! My instincts tell me you are not “done” & one day you will help another lucky couple to achieve their dream of becoming parents.
    I suspect surrogacy will be a one-off experience for me, but who knows? Maybe I’ll get addicted to the “surro high”…
    Ethan looks beautiful & your kids are equally gorgeous.

    Maggie x


  2. Oh my goodness! I would so love to follow along on another journey with you… In case your fans’ votes count 🙂

    Ethan is such a handsome fellow, he’s clearly well loved and cared for by his mom and dad.

    Liked by 1 person

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