Ethan’s Christening- 5 months post birth!

Just a quick one from me today. Didn’t I tell ya I would miss Easter?!

I am so completely and utterly smashed- it is coming at me from all directions. Lack of sleep to add to the mix is pure torture. Going through a “mid early” life crisis at the moment but I will bore you with the details another time. Maybe.

For now I am focusing on the positives. And I have a lot to be thankful for. IP’s are loving parenthood so much and I am enjoying their visits, photos, messages etc. They are a truly beautiful family. Apart from our kids running amok, the Christening was lovely. Small, intimate and special. You could feel the love in the room for everyone and when IM mentioned me and our family in the speeches, I was very emotional. I am grateful for all of the support that their family have given and still give. I was in a pickle the other week with a scan I needed to get our twin lady to and IM’s mum came over to look after the other kids while I took her there. I truly believe our families will be bonded for life. IF’s mum came over from overseas where she lives so I got to meet her for the first time. She is lovely and gave us a special bag of presents- something for everyone. It wasn’t at all necessary but greatly appreciated. As an adult I don’t get many surprises any more so the gifts were lovely. She and my mum hit it off and I see mum going over there for a holiday in the future! (watch out)

Next week marks the 4th birthday of our eldest lady. Wow. 4. I think we have crammed more in the past 4 years than the entire of the rest of our lives before that! We have a birthday party planned for the weekend and some family photos to mark the occasion as the twins are also 2.5 years old (almost to the date).

So we received the affidavits the other week that hubby and I needed to sign for the court date. They stated that there was a surrogacy arrangement, that we haven’t received any material benefit for the surrogacy and that we freely consent to the parentage agreement being made. Of course all of that was true, so a quick trip to the police station to have a Seargent witness our signatures and we were off! Delivered it to IP’s who in turn delivered it to the lawyer and now we wait for a court date. The lawyer is confident that late May to end of June it should come up and we will be home and hosed! That will be just over 2 years from the start of the “official” arrangement (contact with the clinic) to a baby and the parentage order being granted. What an amazing 2 years.

I wont go all nostalgic on you, instead I will show you some photos of the christening. I even got my hair done for the occasion and I reckon I scrubbed up pretty well…



Mumma and her girls


Me and my dude


Hubby looked VERY spunky!


I got some smiles!


At the Christening- he wasn’t a very happy boy…


I LOVE this one of Ethan and I ❤


The gorgeous, beautiful, happy family xo

May marks a busy month for me. With Miss L’s birthday, travel to Sydney for the Families Thru Surrogacy Conference which I will be speaking at in a few different sessions, my work sales conference, meetings here there and everywhere, there wont me much time to breathe. So see you in June! lol


5 thoughts on “Ethan’s Christening- 5 months post birth!

  1. Wow what a special event the Christening must have been, everyone looks so lovely! Thanks for updating us during this very busy time!


  2. You’re gorgeous, and clearly way too young for a mid life crisis! I love the photos. The family looks so happy. You’ve done such an amazing thing for them and I’m glad you’re able to take part in their special day. 🙂


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