Yep, it’s been a while… sorry!

I remember saying to hubby, “we just have to make it through May and then things will settle down a bit”. I found myself repeating that in June and again this month. It pains me to say it but I think this is just our lives. We will never NOT be busy. We will never not have things to do- planned or unplanned, at home or out. We have had to take 3 separate days of work as annual leave just to get some things completed that are physically impossible to do with the kids in tow!

The great news is that we have been winning the sleep battle! After Skyping with an amazing sleep consultant (Mandy Hose, She Knows, you ROCK!) our little twin man has been sleeping better than he ever has. We have been getting some runs of more than one nights full sleep! We also moved him into his own room with his own space which I think has helped.

Things have been busy in the world of surrogacy. I have been supporting a lot of amazing IP’s and although heartbreaking to hear some of their stories, it is great to see them have hope that they can have a child. There has also been a baby boom in surro world with lots of ladies giving birth (in Aust and overseas) and also lots of BFP’s! I LOVE good news. And have I managed to get my thoughts in order about going again, you ask? In a nutshell. Nope. I am torn between wanting to do it again and wanting to run full pelt into other things in my life that I have planned. Then there are all the IP’s I have made a wonderful connection with. How would I choose who to help? Rock. Hard place…

Since my last appearance, I have had my Mirena removed. With the normal post partum bleeding and bleeding with the mirena, I pretty much hemorrhaged since November last year. With a break of 7 days. So saying I was very over it was the understatement of the century! So I went to the doctors and they tore that SOB out of me! It then threw me into a period (who thought I had that much blood left in me?!) and I have had one period since. Big sigh of relief. So for the time being I am on no birth control but hubby has had the snip, so all is okay in that area!

I want to start up a not for profit organisation. Not that I have the slightest idea of how to do it- help! I want to make care packages for women in hospital who are on long term bed rest. I have been sending out some here and there but I just cant do it out of my own pocket any more, so setting up a NFP will mean I can hopefully get donations of goods and postage to send these packs out further and wider, have my own FB page, give brochures to hospitals etc. It is something I have been thinking about for a while and I just need to jump in and do it, I think!

We have also organised a little holiday- hubby and I, that is. 4 days next month where it is just he and I. No being mummy and daddy, just reconnecting with who we are as people, reminding each other why we love each other so much outside of being parents. My amazing mum is looking after the kids and we are off down the coast. We plan to sleep in, do nothing, watch movies, snuggle in bed, wear pjs all day, read magazines. All that jazz. And. I. Can’t. Wait.

I am also going to a careers expo this weekend. I am a little lost about what I want to do with my life. I have so many passions but I cant make a living out of them! I want to try and identify if there are roles I can seek employment in that will allow me to live out my passions every day. And pay well (cause hey, I still have bills and mortgages to contribute to!). I just need to get out of my comfort zone and take that first step. That is my plan between now and the end of the year. Or I just stick where I am until the kids are in primary school and then I could work more during the week. Decisions, decisions. See, I cant even stick to a plan that I am only considering! lol Watch this space. Or give me a kick up the bum.

Ethan is really well! I haven’t seen him since the court date but IP’s are sending me lots of photos and he is growing like a weed! Next week he will be 8 months old- boy does time fly!

That is it from me and my random ramblings. Next time you see me I will have some clarity about my work (probably not), will have started my NFP (probably not) and will have had a wonderful trip away with hubby (I better have!).

Because I know you like photos, here is a family shot we had taken recently.




8 thoughts on “Yep, it’s been a while… sorry!

  1. Gorgeous family and what a woman!!! I hope your weekend away is fantastic and refreshing and you know, it’s okay if it takes some time to work out what the future holds. It took me nearly 9 years.

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  2. Your family pic is beautiful Renee!
    Sounds like you have a lot on your plate at the moment & I’ll be interested to see what you’re up to by next time – but I agree, time together with your husband is essential to have as your next top priority. Have a fantastic getaway – you both deserve it so much! Maggie x


  3. Gah!! Your family! So precious. I’m so glad you and your husband are going to have some timeout from the ‘real world’ for a little while. While it’s nice to be kept busy, the ability to rest and just have some couple time really helps. That’s something nice to look forward to 🙂 plus, 4 days of 24 hour Pj wearing sounds like my kinda holiday.

    It sounds as if your life is on steroids at the moment, I actually don’t know how you do it!
    Super Mama. The NFP thing, what an amazing and thoughtful idea. I have no knowledge on that so I can’t offer any advice or help but I am so intrigued! What inspired you to start doing that? Could you contact other NFP organisation in the hopes of creating some more contacts or even advice on how to get things rolling? I find it really special that you can be as busy as a person can be but still find the time to help someone else who is having a rough time.

    As for the Surrogacy thing, I can feel you with that rock and hard place; especially since going on that forum again recently. There are beautiful people on there with so many special stories that makes it almost impossible to make that choice or decision. I am not even a surrogate and I was putting myself in your shoes thinking how difficult it would be. I think that ultimately you have to do what makes your heart feel happy & if that is focusing on all of these other amazing aspects of your life; then roll with it 🙂 That choice that you make doesn’t have to be set in stone unless you want to do that, and you shouldn’t feel the pressure to please anyone other than yourself & your family. There are so many things that I know I have, and I am sure other people in this blogging/surrogacy community gain from you and the support/advice you offer. You play a huge role in the Surrogacy community & you know I thank you for that. Even reading about your busy life makes me feel like a lazy sloth so now I’m trying to think of things I can do to be more proactive and inspiring!

    Thanks for the update, it’s always good to hear that you are going well. Hugs xx

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    • As always, thanks for your kind words and support. Yes, I cant WAIT for our holiday. Might have to put a countdown timer in my phone…
      Some days I feel like a super mumma- knickers on the outside of my pants, wearing one of the kids towels as a cape, able to leap tall piles of washing in a single bound. Other days you will find me in the foetal position under said mounds of washing lol
      My inspiration for my NFP is experience! When I was pregnant with the twins, I unexpectedly got put into hospital after a routine scan at 28 weeks. There I stayed for 44 days (yep, that’s 6.5 weeks). Fortunately, all was well and I went on to birth them vaginally at a great gestation and it didn’t preclude me from going on to be a surrogate. I had a great support network and visitors and made some good friends but it was lonely at times. There were women from hours and hours away who saw their families only on weekends and they really struggled. So if I can send them care packages and we can all support each other, it will make the time go faster and they will realise that they aren’t the only ones stuck in a hospital bed for more than 2 weeks.
      You are not a lazy sloth, woman! You have a LOT on your plate at the moment and I am sure that some days just getting out of bed is an achievement! Proactiveness and inspiration can come later- you just focus on YOU.
      Hugs right back atcha, chickie xo

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  4. I always enjoy reading your blog! What an awesome idea care packages for women on long term bed rest. Wow how thoughtful of you! I’d love to help if I could!!

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