And he said….


Hubby isn’t jumping for joy that I want to go again. But he also isn’t putting a big red marker cross through it either. I heard word from the clinic about what would differ this time around. We would still need the 3 sessions but could cut out the “legal implications” session. We also wouldn’t need to do the psych test again- thank goodness! I am a happy woman never seeing those 300 questions again…

We spoke about timing and taking it a little slower this time. Only because I am less than 12 months post birth. We spoke about getting to know any IP’s more intimately and *cringe moment* dating them! lol As we know, this process can be akin to a weird dating experience. Only with more than one couple and the expectations are all about conceiving a child together! You go out for dinner, ask questions about family, friends, music tastes and then if you like each other, you set up another date and wonder if the FB message you sent them the next day was “too soon”.

Considerations: Do we go for IP’s who we have an existing relationship with? IP’s who I know but hubby doesn’t? Do we look for folks who are completely new? I have no bloody idea. We have looked at pros and cons for people we know and discussed them at length. Sometimes you have to leave emotion and feelings out of it and look at things from a purely analytical frame of mind. Will we be able to live up to their expectations and them to ours? This is a time when we need to look black and white. It doesn’t matter how close an existing friendship is, sometimes a surrogacy arrangement isn’t the natural progression. We have to trust our instincts!

So we are working through a plan together and we will see where that path leads us. I am excited about the prospect!

On another note, it has been 9 months since the handsome Ethan was born. I carried him for 9 months and now his parents have had him for 9 months! And oh is he a poppet! What a happy, contented little man. His mummy and daddy shower him with so much love and they are natural parents. I saw him the other week and he was all smiles for his tummy mummy! Gives me the warm and fuzzies that I helped to create him but on the other hand it is surreal and its weird when it clicks that I did indeed have him within me for that time! He is so close to crawling but gets around with a little wiggly, shuffly, worm like movement. He blabbers away like he has soooo much to tell you and its just like having a real conversation! We are catching up again in another couple of weeks and I cant wait to see how much he has grown.

Until next time…


5 thoughts on “And he said….

  1. Hi Tummy Mummy,
    Just reading your lastest post. Wow,you have certainly done a lot of soul searching and gone to a lot if detail in thinking about who you would like to possibky help next time around. I think you are a very specisl person who considers the feelings of everyone who would potentially be involved which is so very admirable.
    Your little Ethan seems like such a cutie and how special you get to see him regularly. The joy of his parents is also so wonderful to hear. Something i hope to feel myself in the near future too.
    Love reading your posts and will be keen to hear where this story goes.
    Take care, amazing mumma and surrogate mumma too xxx

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  2. Hehe you are so right though; it sounds like it would be much like dating! I can see the importance of making the right choice though – It is a big deal and although it is a 9 month stint; I feel as though it is a lifelong emotional investment for your whole family and vise versa. There is always going to be that special place in your heart for the little bugs that you bring into this world and them for you, along with their families. It’s a big non-traditional family but that’s what makes it so special and so beautiful. The only advice that I could even begin to try to offer you is to let your heart make the choice. (Yep, i’m going complete corny but i don’t even care – it’s so true!). I know whichever way you chose to go will be a great option & another exciting and meaningful adventure in life.

    Eeep so nice to hear that Ethan and his family are doing fabulously. He is such a lucky little man to be surrounded by people who adore him & who fought so hard to get him here and bring him into this world!

    l hope you are doing well though, it sounds like there has been lots of thinking going down around your neck of the woods. xx


    • Thanks gorgeous!
      Ah, but if I let my heart decide, I don’t think I will make the right decision. This is a head thing and a gut thing. My heart is too easily swayed and this has burned me before…


      • Ok, head and heart combined- a perfect balance 😉 As I said though, I know whichever way you chose to go will be a fantastic journey and adventure either way. Just remember the most important person in that is you xx

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