We have a plan!

Last week, hubby told me that when I hemorrhaged post birth with Ethan, it really scared him. REALLY scared him. I knew that it wasn’t the best thing for him to experience but I didn’t realise the affect it had on him and it has affected his ability to support me this time around. Which is fair enough.

For those who want a refresher on my birth story, the links are below:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

So in order for him to feel more comfortable about everything (and hopefully give me his blessing!), I asked him if he wanted to come to an appointment at the hospital with me to talk to an Obstetrician about the birth, how the bleed could have happened, risks for next time and a plan of action if we were to go again. He agreed to this so I am in the process of trying to organise an appointment. I know a lot of this and I have spoken to the midwives and doctors about it and have relayed this info to hubby but he needs to hear it from a professional in order to feel comfortable about the risks. As I have always maintained, I will NOT go ahead with another surrogacy unless he is supportive.

As for suitable IP’s to be a surrogate for, I am keeping that under wraps for now. It is not a short process and there is a lot to think about, lots of discussions with hubby to have, so you will have to stay tuned!


4 thoughts on “We have a plan!

  1. Good luck with your appointment Renee & I hope it helps to reassure your hubby. I think surrogacy takes a bigger emotional toll on our families than we might think. As the surrogate you’re caught up in the positivity of what you’ve chosen to do and I think family members will often feel more cautious & guarded about the process than the surrogate herself. Remember that your hubby’s concern comes from a place of loving you so very much. Keep us posted!
    Maggie x

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  2. Hi Tummy Mummy,
    I will certainly stayed tuned. Love following your posts.
    I absolutely agree,your hubby and your family are of utmost importance and rechecking everything for peace of mind for him is a great thing to do.
    Hope all goes well with your up coming appointments and will be looking forward to hearing the outcome.
    You all sure do make a beautiful family.
    Julie xx


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