Short update (my “short” isn’t short but in compared to my usual blog posts, its short, okay?!)

There has been plenty going on in my life lately! Some big decisions made and lots of changes. I am positive that these tough decisions (although hard to make) will benefit me and also my family.

First of all, I decided to shelve my not for profit. For now. With everything else that is going on, I need to focus on that and will then be able to throw myself and my all into it in the future. So I am looking longer term- 2 years at least.

Next- I reduced my voluntary roles. Or pared them back. As much as I loved them, they took up a LOT of my time. I am no longer admin for the support page for Aussie surrogates, nor am I moderating another surrogacy website. But my support of surrogates and IP’s wont change. I will still be there for them whenever they need me. I value that role too much to give it up. I will continue my role moderating a parenting FB group but wont be able to commit as much time to it. Everyone has been so supportive which has been wonderful. It was one of those times when I didn’t feel guilty for saying that I needed to give something up to focus more on ME.

I did all of this for 2 reasons:

  1. I am learning how to run! I need a new physical challenge. I knew that with some big things coming up in my life, I would need a bit of time to just release from everything going on. I was introduced to a wonderful running group full of supportive, motivating mummies and I really feel like I can make a go of this. Will you see me running marathons? Probably not. But working my way from a non runner to being able to run 10km without stopping is the goal I have set for myself and we will go from there. I am in week 4 of this challenge and hope to run 10km by Christmas. I am running 3 times a week, just for 30 mins and really enjoying it thus far.
  2. I AM GOING TO STUDY! This is HUUUUUUGE for me. Something hit me in the face like a book being thrown across a room (hey, that’s my analogy and I am running with it) and I knew I needed to do something to increase my skillset as I look to the future. The kids will be off to primary school in the coming years and I want to be able to look at my options and actually have options! I want to be able to increase my knowledge to hopefully be in a position where I can use it to either start a business or work for others in an area I am truly passionate about. I am excited about this. And shitting myself as well. Its a big change and its been a while since I properly studied (hello 2001 anyone?!). I start in November, all of it is online and hopefully after some hard work I will have a university degree. I will not be reducing my hours at work- I will be studying in addition to this- hence having to cut down on or give up some of my voluntary roles.



So what about surrogacy? 

Yes, there is a place in my life for being a surrogate again. The running might have to take a back seat (as funny as that would look) and if need be, I can cut down on uni subjects, but there is no reason why I can’t do it all!

Hubby and I will be debriefing with one of my midwives (the beautiful S), late next week and if hubby still has unanswered questions, we will book in an appointment with the Ob.

As for potential IP’s, I will announce when there is something to announce.


8 thoughts on “Short update (my “short” isn’t short but in compared to my usual blog posts, its short, okay?!)

  1. Great to see an update from you! I’m proud of you for taking a step back on all of those volunteer roles; i had no idea that you were the admin on a lot of those pages as well. I can imagine how much would have been on your plate. Woo! I am looking at going back to Study as well. Sometimes it is nice to just do something for ‘you’ but that also benefits your family and others in the long run. My goal is to become a Nurse (which is what I was studying previously) but now I would love to be a fertility nurse – funny how life can just push you into a direction you would have never have first contemplated.

    Gah, i’m jealous about this whole running thing. I love running in groups but unfortunately M has old man knees haha, and I only have a few friends in this town but they mostly have babies and no spare time. It sounds like you are doing really well though Renee, i’m glad to hear it. xx

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    • I think you would make an amazing and empathetic fertility nurse! Do it!!

      To be honest, I have never run in a group lol Its just me, plodding along, arms all flailing and me trying to dodge snails. Those things are taking over at the moment! lol

      Thanks always for your support xo


      • Hahaha best description ever! I can picture it now. I always run to the train station after work (when I say run I mean hold my bag super close to my chest and do this awkward shuffle across the road and occasionally lose my shoe) but I always wonder how ridiculous I must look… Haha. I hear you about the snails too, my dog likes to collect them as if it’s a hobby 😉 & anytime! Love your updates. Really hope all is well in everything that’s going on in your life right now. Xx

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      • This all sounds brilliant! I’ve tried to get into running and always fall off the wagon. I wish I could love it. What will you be studying? I loved college and would have been a professional student if it paid the bills. Haha 🙂

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  2. Hi Tummymunny,
    Wow another great post.
    Good on you for taking time out just for you. It certainly must have tajen up a lot of your time with all the wonderful voluntary work you have been doing. I was happy to hear that you will still be there for us IP’s and surrogates to come to you when in need ,you are definately a God send to us all with your wealth of information and caring nature.
    I hope this will give you time to persue your studies and fulfil your own personal dream. Yes,it probably will be challenging but you will do it !!
    Goodness me running as well. You are amazing. Wish i could run but never been able to I am a better walker !!
    As for your surrogacy journey, I will be waiting with up dates on how it all pans out.
    Happy running,a big A for effort getting up and out there to run.
    Lots of love Julie xx

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