Our hospital debrief

After a couple of false starts, we booked some time to chat to the midwife, S who was there when I birthed Ethan. She got my medical records and we started to chat about everything that had happened. We spoke about the blood loss, the birth, the possible reasons for bleeding and what would happen if I were to carry and birth again.

Hubby was brilliant- he asked so many good questions!

Here is the outline:

-I lost 2L of blood all up. The good thing is that it was over a longer period of time and not all at once. I also released clotted blood which is a good sign. You don’t want squirting, liquid gushes of blood, that is potentially life threatening.

-Possible reasons behind the bleed include short labour, large, thick placenta, IVF pregnancy. All things I knew but was good to hear again.

-Good points were that I didn’t need a blood or iron transfusion which means my body bounced back well.

-Next time a few things would happen:

  • I would not be able to go past 40 weeks. They would do a stretch and sweep if I was getting close and then at 40 weeks break my waters. If nothing happened, I would be medically induced. All fine with me. Means there is an end date that we could all look forward to!
  • I would have a line inserted in my hand for immediate fluids post birth if needed. It wouldn’t be connected to anything during the labour so I would still have the flexibility of moving around freely if need be.
  • There would be no delayed cord clamping. The cord would be clamped straight away and I would be given the strong meds to help release the placenta and close off the vessels. Fine, fine, fine.
  • I would still be able to birth under the same model of care but I wouldn’t be able to birth in the family birthing centre, I would birth in the standard birth suites. (damn, but okay)
  • I would take some additional iron supplements in the months leading up to the birth. (pass the fibre)

S was great- she told us that there was a small risk factor for hemorrhaging again but because they would put lots of plans in place, they would definitely have everyone informed if it did happen and it would be able to be bought under control much quicker. She was also very open in saying that I need to consider the worst case scenarios and think about whether it is a risk I would be willing to take. I think her specific words were “you would need to decide if the slightly increased risk of losing your uterus is worth it”. All good and valid points to think about.

Hubby asked a very blunt question which was great. He said “on a scale of 1 to 10, how bad were the complications post birth?” S started off by saying a 6/10 but then corrected herself to a 5/10. I think it was a good indication to us both that it was definitely of a serious nature but not as bad as she has seen in her experience as a midwife.

So where to from here? S is chatting to the head ob about a few things and will come back to me about whether he would like to chat to us in more detail- in which case we would book an appt. Otherwise, we just keep plodding forward one step at a time.

I would be lying if I said that the chat with S didn’t leave me excited about the prospect of carrying again. Sucker for punishment I guess! lol


One thought on “Our hospital debrief

  1. Hi Renee,
    Just reading your latest post. Sounds ĺike you did get a lot of information and well done for your husband asking all the questions he wanted.
    You do have quite a bit to think about but the outcome was pretty good for you too I think. You are doing all the right things in making sure your next journey is as safe as possible for yourself and your family which is a very good thing indeed.
    Good luck with everything and look forward to your next up date.
    Julie xxx

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