It’s not even the silly season yet, but it’s already silly!

LOTS happening:

  • Uni has started- I am officially a student again! I have been easing myself into it and doing well thus far- even though it has only been a week! With some dedicated structure to the week, I am sure I will establish a good plan of action moving forward. I am actually excited about it all.
  • The twins turned THREE!!! We had a celebratory weekend for them that involved me making food and cakes, we also had people over and then a childcare party for all of their friends. It was madness lol
  • Work is bonkers and I am still trying to run (I am getting back into it after a lapse in motivation and an increase in procrastination).
  • We also have a real estate deal coming up so have been communicating with brokers, agents, banks etc
  • The kids started swimming lessons! We are still trying to perfect the art of leaving on time, getting there unscathed, watching 3 kids in 2 different pools and getting them all dried, changed and home again. We will get there.
  • We are toilet training our twin man. Fun. In every way possible.

I am also busy preparing for some pretty big events coming up between now and the end of the year:

  • I am holding another surrogacy dinner event in Melbourne which I am really looking forward to.
  • Also, I have been asked to speak at the Families Thru Surrogacy seminar series about surrogacy in Victoria which will be great! I am putting together a PowerPoint for it, so going very “profesh”. IM is also presenting and I am looking forward to her perspective as well.
  • I am also going to see Hugh Jackman do his thang with a friend and also going to see Oprah with another friend!
  • There are Christmas parties galore, our wedding anniversary is coming up and then of course, there is Christmas prep which we have done absolutely ZILCH on!
  • We are getting a PUPPY! Ever since Indy died, our house has been lacking in a little fury being so we are getting another dog. As much as I am not looking forward to a little mischievous dog in the house, it will be great for the kids.
  • And of course- the most exciting thing…. Ethan turns 1! I cant believe it has almost been a year since I birthed the little dude! I cant wait to celebrate with him and his amazing family. He is now cruising the furniture and if its possible, getting more and more handsome every day. Can’t wait to see him again for big, squishy cuddles!

As for surrogacy, I can confirm that things are still progressing well behind the scenes and I hope to have an update for you very, very soon.

Here are some photos from the big celebration!


Me with our eldest


The twins blowing out their birthday candles. Like the cake?! I made it! ME!


My people. They drive me bonkers one minute and melt my heart the next. They are why I do surrogacy- Shared lamenting of parenthood during tough times lol


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