Happy 1st Birthday, Ethan!

1 year ago today (almost to the minute!), I gave birth to Ethan. As he went into the arms of his parents, I knew that I had done something that I could be proud of. That that very moment had culminated in one of my greatest creations.


What a handsome, cheery, cheeky little man is Ethan! He came to visit me today in the office and I gave him his presents- not one but 2 balls and a spunky shirt to wear. “Tummy mummy, who?” he pondered as his eyes focused on nothing but the balls and he crawled around my office, pushing it and trying to lob it around. He doesn’t realise how special he is- although I am sure he will be reminded by many- myself included.


That feeling of seeing his parents so happy and seeing Ethan recognise me and give me that huge smile is indescribable. What a beautiful day.



3 thoughts on “Happy 1st Birthday, Ethan!

  1. Hi Renee,
    What a beautiful day for you and your surrogate bubba and family.
    Your post gave me goose bumps as i read
    it. The photos are so lovely too.
    What a special moment.
    Love Julie xxx

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