Oh yes, the update!

Where do I start?!

A few weeks ago, I posted that hubby, myself and KiT/CaT would be having the “tough questions” chat to discuss all the things that should be talked about prior to any surrogacy:

-The care of a surrogate during pregnancy

-Thoughts on termination/disability

-Multiple embryo transfer (no, no, NO!)

-Payment of medical and pregnancy related expenses

-Expectations for assistance/contact during pregnancy

and so many other topics!


Well this didn’t go ahead! I had a completely and utterly horrible day at home with the kids and KiT/CaT also had something come up so we decided to postpone. Disappointing but necessary.


In the meantime though, we had booked to have a meal at the newest “fancy” restaurant in the city- Dinner by Heston. We are all foodies and had been trying for a while to get a table there and we weren’t disappointed! The food was DIVINE, the service was very attentive and the restaurant and views were spectacular. We mortgaged our house to eat lots of wonderful food and drink some amazing wines. I ordered some champagne Rose and started a toast. I told KiT/CaT that although we hadn’t had a chance to talk about the hard questions, we were confident in them and our relationship that we will get through almost anything without any issues. We told them that we couldn’t think of anything more we would like to do for them than give them a BABY! There was a cheers all round and KiT/CaT were so pleased to hear us tell them that we would be doing this together. It just capped off a wonderful night and one I am sure we will NEVER forget! After a few more drinks, we went back to their place and spent the rest of the night singing to our fave tunes (me VERY badly) while sitting on the couch in our pyjamas and drinking beer/wine. Perfect.

We had slightly sore heads the next day but that was beside the point!


I was the official food photographer for the night, so excuse the blurry pics.

(I will try and remember the dishes: Seafood broth, Duck liver pate that looks like a mandarin, kangaroo tails, snails and marrow, pork belly, duck, beef steak and cheek and desserts were deconstructed tart, passionfruit chocolate bar, lamington and brioche with grilled pineapple- that was my dish of the night)

All that happened late November. Since then, I have been super flat out with work, study, kids and then everything else that has been on:

-Birthday Parties x 2

-Surrogacy dinner with VIC surrogates and IP’s

-Hugh Jackman in Concert!

-Presenting a session about “Finding your Tummy Mummy” at the Families Through Surrogacy Seminar Series (It went really well, I was so pleased with the lovely feedback I received)

-Ethan’s Birthday! See last post for the details

-Christmas Parties x 3

-Picking up our NEW PUPPY!

-Kids swimming lessons each Saturday

-Puppy Training each Monday

-OPRAH!! (You don’t want to read my review)

-Antenatal night for our local Multiple Births Association. We had 4 pregnant mummas there!

-Our 12 year wedding anniversary (we went to a winery for lunch)

-Plasma Donation at my local Australian Red Cross Blood Service donor centre

-Caught up with an AMAZING surrogate from Tassie- she is the coolest chick ever

-Participated in some online collaborative sessions for study

-1 x “hard questions” session with KiT/CaT (and we were right, there were no sticking points, no issues, just a LOT of conversation and some great decisions made. It was very productive)

And HEAPS more!

I will be glad when the silly season is over- this year has been particularly busy.


So what comes next?

Well first we are going to get through Christmas and the holidays. KiT/CaT will be away for a few weeks and we will do our famous Holidays at Home once again this year.

Next year we will start the process. KiT/CaT have made enquiries with the clinic about getting an initial appt, I will speak to my doctor about a referral (to the clinic and also for my independent Obstetric consult) and we will go from there. Ideally I would love for us all to be pregnant in the 2nd half of the year. Not too far along over summer though- my legs swell to the size of tree trunks in the heat when I am NOT pregnant! lol

We are so excited about this journey together. This Christmas brings renewed hope for KiT/CaT and they plan to tell their families over the festive season which I think is such a brilliant Christmas present!!


This will likely be my last post before Christmas. I would like to say thanks to everyone who has supported us through our journey, past, present and future (you too, Smellza xo). Your messages, comments, emails etc mean so much and it just highlights how much I LOVE being a part of this community. To those who are embarking on their journey or who are yet to take the first step, I hope 2016 is your year. I wish for wonderful relationships, easy and boring pregnancies, fantastic experiences and smooth journeys. I also wish I could finish my Christmas shopping…


So as I sign off, I will leave you with some photos- One of Winter, our new puppy and the others are of a bottle of “Surrogant Blanc” wine (play on words-too funny) given to me by some amazing ladies in the surrogacy community- one of which has a brilliant blog. If you like perfect sentences and paragraphs, wit, charm and WAY less blabbering than my blog, check it out here.



Sending all my love, luck and light until next year. See you on the flip side! xoxo


Oh and P.S. I thought my blog needed a bit of a refresh. New surrogacy, new design! It is a little more clean and the comments can be read a little easier. I also have an archive (accessible on the top RHS of the page in the drop down) which will make it easier for you to search previous posts. Hope you like it!


5 thoughts on “Oh yes, the update!

  1. I feel exhausted just reading about what you’ve been doing, Renée. Love the Surrogate Blanc with notes of Unicorn! Here’s wishing you and your family a happy, healthy and restorative festive season.


  2. Hi Renee,
    Wow,you certainly have been super busy and you have done so much. Your journey seems to be progressing very well and I am ever so happy for you and your IP’s.
    The food at that restaurant looked pretty amazing and the desserts sounded even better !
    Winter is just gorgeous,you are so lucky to have her as part of your family. Puppies are very special.
    Thankyou for your lovely wishes for the New Year and Christmas and I do wish you and your family the very same.
    Love and best wishes Julie xx

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I’m convinced more each post you are part Super Woman. You accomplish more in a few weeks than most do in months or a year!

    I’m so pleased that the hard conversation went well! I know it’s reassuring to see you’re in agreement and things can proceed. That part always makes me anxious. My first journey taught me so much, so I have a lot more I want to ask this time around for a second journey.

    I love your sweet puppy! 😍😍😍

    Have a wonderful holiday and I can’t wait to see what 2016 has in store for you, friend! Xox Liz

    Liked by 1 person

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