Happy New Year!!

Welcome to 2016! Or as I like to call it- make another baby year!


Things are progressing nicely in the world of surrogacy for us but I will make you read through my Xmas stuff before that, just because I am mean.

Christmas in our house was hectic and full of torn wrapping paper and cries of “but you clean it up!”. On Xmas eve we went to a bistro to catch up with hubby’s family, Xmas day was spent with my mum and 1 out of 3 of my siblings. Boxing Day is always traditionally at my Dad’s house- he dresses up as Santa for the kids which is always a real blast.

Then started our “Holidays at home”. Some things were the same as last year, some were different but with a big twist:

Day #1- Melbourne Zoo

Day #2- Adventure Playground

Day #3-Watching Planes land at the airport while eating Fish and Chips

Day #4- Inflatable world

Day #5- Movies (We saw The Good Dinosaur)

Day #6- Sea Life Aquarium

Day #7- Melbourne Museum

Day #8- Bowling

Day #9- Healesville Sanctuary

Day #10- Rest Day (We needed it)

Day #11/12/13- MUM AND DAD TIME!!! (We put the kids into childcare) and went to the movies (we saw Point Break), acted like kids at a water park, going on lots of waterslides and had a rest/home day where we pottered around. We so needed it and it was lovely.

Day#13- Werribee Open Range Zoo

Day #14- Birthday party with friends

So I am back to work for a break! This year I am working 4 days a week so that will be interesting. Still studying. Later this month I have 3 assessments due on the same day so I have some hard work coming up.


Now. Surrogacy.

KiT/CaT were overseas for some of the Xmas period and I missed them! KiT did concede that she missed me too so I wasn’t the only sad one lol She told her Mum the news on Xmas day which was really special. We get to meet her in a few weeks which I am really excited about!

I popped on over to my GP in the New Year to chat to him about my plans to go again and get some referrals. He was thrilled for me and for KiT/CaT! Told me that what I was doing was “very noble” and that he was proud of me. I am lucky to have such a great GP- he is so lovely and supportive. So I got a referral to the fertility clinic (KiT/CaT’s FS) and also one for a local Obstetrician for the Independent Obstetric Consult. When I rang the Ob’s rooms, I think the receptionist got a bit excited. Before I could spill out all of the info she said “we have an appointment available mid next week”! So I booked it and KiT/CaT were fine with that (otherwise I would have rescheduled), so that is coming up this week! I will have to go through my previous notes to see if I have a copy of the last assessment so I know what to advise him to include in his letter. I also might chat to the clinic to see if anything has changed re their requirements from last time.

KiT/CaT are also in the process of getting updated referrals from their GP and then we can make official contact with the clinic! EEEK- so exciting!

This time next year I will definitely be pregnant. I know it.


Here are some photos from our time off:


The girls reading the map at Healesville Sanctuary.



All the kids who came with us to Healesville Sanctuary.



The kids playing at the Animal Hospital at Healesville Sanctuary- tending to some “sick” animals.



Hubby and our twin boy pointing at the dinosaur bones at Melbourne Museum.



Can you tell we are excited to be off on a day out with no kids?



Our seats at the Gold Class cinemas. We had some nice wine and great food!



The kids crossing the bridge at Werribee Zoo.


We got really up close and personal to the Rhinos at the Werribee Zoo!



Out the front of Werribee Zoo.



And I couldn’t resist including a photo of Winter. She is growing so fast and is super cute but VERY cheeky!


10 thoughts on “Happy New Year!!

  1. Hi Renee,
    Wow,what a great time you all seemed to have on your holiday break. Good to see mum and dad got in some free time too. You certainly did some interesting things. The photos are so lovely and Winter is such a cutie.
    Good luck in your new and up coming journey,I wish you and your IP’s all the very best in the next stage of this amazing world of surrogacy.
    Hope going back yo work wasn’t too much of a shock to the system but you seem to get back into the dwing of things pretty quick once you start.
    Read your other blog on the statistics too, very interesting.
    Looking forwsrd to your next blog. Always a good read.
    Love Julie xx

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