My 2015 Statistics

Late last year, Mr WordPress sent me an email. It contained a link with an overview of my stats for 2015. Wow. Wow, wow, wow! I can’t believe that so many people from so many countries follow, support and comment on my blog. Thank you. It truly means a lot.

I am not huge on stats. That is not the reason why I started this blog. I started it first and foremost to be a diary for myself, chronicling my journey/s and then to be a reference of sorts for other surrogates and also IP’s to know what it is really like to carry a child for someone else and the process you take to get to that point. If I have helped 1 person than I am thrilled about that.

But I must admit that I do have a giggle about the stats sometimes. I can see the total number of people each day/week/month who read my blog and the number of page views. Often when I post, most people come on and read 2-3 pages and the stats reflect this. Other times I see that 1 person has visited and they have had a binge, reading up to 50 posts at a time!! (well done) Then I see the spike when someone has shared my blog. July for example was one such month. I had views from 14 different countries, 199 separate people read my blog and 349 views. Insane!

Here is the link if you want a gander- it is quite interesting. I did make it public but if you cant see it, let me know ASAP xo




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