Just a quickie!

I will be brief, but with undertones of excitement.

KiT and I went to see the Obstetrician yesterday. To say he was impressed with my A4 page of written gynecological history was an understatement. He laughed, he nodded, he smiled and he was much appreciated.

Here is what happened in a nutshell:

He was late (how dare he deliver a baby instead of meeting with us)

We took selfies in the waiting area

We laughed and chatted with some interstaters who were at that time having their own transfer party!

We waited and chatted and laughed some more

Ob arrived back at the consult suites

We got called in

We made small talk

We explained the situation- that we weren’t a loved up lady couple wanting to make a child together (easy mistake to make, we know)

He read my notes (review above for visual imagery)

He asked a couple of questions of myself and KiT

We answered said questions

He gave me a referral to have a pelvic ultrasound (common practice)

He said pending results of that (which should be fine) he has no problems recommending me to carry KiT/CaT’s baby!!!!




I would be lying if I said we didn’t do a weird hug/kiss/happy dance “thing” in the hallway of the consult suites. Think limbs, puckers, cheeks smooshing together and transfer of makeup from one face to another. I would also be lying if I said we didn’t do it again in the car… KiT even had a bottle of bubbles in her handbag (that thing is like Mary Poppins’ bag!) that she had managed to hide from me until said approval was given. I must have been off my game as usually I can sniff out bubbly from 100 paces. I blame the distraction of the appointment and the excitement for that lapse in concentration. I will do better next time.

So next week we are booked for the pelvic ultrasound. For those of you playing at home, that involves the insertion of what we affectionately call the “dildo cam” (do NOT Google that) up ones lady regions to check out her uterus, ovaries and general region to identify anything amiss that might affect a subsequent pregnancy. These are not new to me. I think I have had about 100 in my time. We are well acquainted and I don’t even need it to buy me a drink beforehand any more. One might be a little afraid of the condom that is placed on the dildo cam, or even the copious amounts of lubrication that follows, but I have been assured that this is not a judgement on me, it is simply done because this method has proven to produce the best images for assessment. Phew!

You may forget all of that if you wish, you know I am a “tell all or tell nothing” kind o gal.

Once the scan has been taken, the Ob will write the letter to the FS who will see KiT and I at the start of Feb to chat about all things being a surrogate and having someone to carry for you. Then this information will be reported to the clinic board and their approval will mean we can start the process of clinic counselling!

Sh1t is getting real! In a good way.

I will update again post ultrasound. I cant promise it will be less graphic than the above descriptor. xo


Oh and PS. Ignore my first sentence. I am a liar, obviously.



13 thoughts on “Just a quickie!

  1. It is SO nice to read your posts, I can tell how much excitement and happiness you are feeling right now just by your words. It makes me so happy! I’m so glad you guys have all found one another. Such a special journey!! The OB sounds awesome, can’t wait to hear about the next update 🙂 xx

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  2. Hi Renee,
    What a lovely and exciting post to read. So happy for you all that the next stage of your journey is about to begin.
    Sounds like you make a great team,so best wishes all the way,
    Julie xx

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Sooooooooooooooo beyond excited for you guys!!! 😀 you are a stellar team!! I love love LOVE hearing the excitement in your voice! You are a gorgeous soul who deserves all the happiness in the world ❤ bring on February for the next steps I say!!!

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  4. Hi Tummy Mummy,
    You are truly an inspiration. Reading your blog gives me hope that one day my dream of having a family may come true. Btw you make me laugh! Your posts are so light hearted and happy and funny which is uplifting for someone who is feeling a bit down. Good luck for your new surrogacy journey
    Xxxx Jodi

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    • Thank you so much Jodie for taking the time to write this- it really means a lot. I am glad you like my “type it how you say it” style of blogging! I also hope that you are able to achieve your dreams. Keep me posted with everything xoxo


      • I’m doing really well! I’ve been neglecting my blog and haven’t decided how much I want to post this time around… I don’t know how you find the time for all you do. Lol. Over Thanksgiving and Christmas we (me and my wife) decided I would pursue a second surrogacy journey. I fly to Los Angeles this Thursday to meet a new couple and have medical screening at their clinic. 💙🍀

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      • No WAY!?! Wow! You are so incredible! That is awesome news. Can you just blog for me? Can you, can you? 😉 Do you have to wait long between pregnancies before going again? It seems like you only birthed yesterday…

        Liked by 1 person

      • Lol! You’re too sweet. I’ll probably start back blogging after I get back from the trip. I’m actually 6 months postpartum now. Crazy to think little man is six months old now. They would like do a transfer in April, so I would be 9 months postpartum. I had a great recovery and forget I had a baby most days.

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