Admiring uteruses (or should that be uteri?)

Well. If there is ever a woman you want to accompany you when you are having a probe shoved up your lady parts, it is KiT. Not sure this medical imaging clinic has ever had such a pair of giggling, excited, silly gals come through their doors for a scan before! We laughed in the waiting area, in the room, during the scan (does an ultrasound have an anti shake feature?), after the scan, while waiting for coffee and while saying goodbye. Driving back to work, I noticed my cheeks were hurting!

Basically, all that means is that things went well! The tech saw nothing of concern on my scan, so all we are waiting for now is the “official approval” letter to make it’s way from the Obstetricians office to the fertility specialist!

I received a little something, something from KiT to celebrate the occasion:

Yes indeedy, that is a unicorn that sharpens pencils with its bum hole! And a notepad for my studies. Just perfect.

For those of you who are not aware of the link between unicorns and surrogates, another surrogacy blog (written by another amazing woman I know) tells it very succinctly.

I let KiT take home the lovely scan images of my uterus. With a condition that I see one of the images in a photo frame the next time I come by their place. Unannounced. To check if said photo is there. Without warning. Just turning up. To identify my uterus in a frame (you know, just in case KiT/CaT have other uteruses in frames that they admire). 😀

Later that night, she sent me a gorgeous photo (that I wish I could share with you, but can’t in order to protect his alter ego super hero identity) of CaT looking interestingly and admirably at my scan. It was a hoot!

So now we sit in a holding pattern until Feb when we see the FS. COME ON FEBRUARY!

Can you see my uterus? And then there are the sexy disposable gowns you wear…


Oh, and for those who believe in good signs, get a load of THIS; the ultrasound technician we had is going through IVF. At the same clinic. With the same specialist!!! *insert applicable sound effect here*


15 thoughts on “Admiring uteruses (or should that be uteri?)

  1. Love love love this post!!! And I double love seeing your smiley face whilst wearing the gown of glory, dual-wielding scan images! That unicorn pencil sharpener is all kinds of amazing!! I must know her source! Come onnnnnnnn February!!!

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    • And i love, love, love you, woman. Thanks for your support each and every day. And for making me snort. A lot. Definitely chat to KiT about where she gets the unicorns from. She might buy in bulk then on sell them for a profit. Well she will if she is clever…


    • Thanks babe. I was in a silly mood when I wrote it, so glad it was so well received. KiT must have known the unicorn would be a hit with the masses. Maybe she has shares in the unicorn bum sharpener manufacturing company…


  2. Hmmmm, I was unaware that I was a “Unicorn that farts glitter.” Perfect since my husband just bought me a “Squatty Potty” and I absolutely cracked up at their commercial with the unicorn pooping ice cream!

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  3. Hi Renee,
    What a great post and gosh your posts make me laugh sometimes.
    You can see the smile on your face that this journey is going to be a good one.
    You and your IP’s,especially your IM seem to have a special relationship going on there.
    Glad to hear all going to plan.
    Best if luck in whats to come.
    Julie xxx

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