Approval! And HELLO NZ!

I got lots of excited messages from KiT yesterday announcing that we have been APPROVED by the clinic to commence counselling- so exciting! The wait was killing me! I expect to hear from the clinic next week about our first appointment with the counsellor. It just feels like the weight is finally over and we can proceed into the world of procedure, legislation and flow charts! Lots of fun and games to come. Stay tuned.

A couple of weeks ago, a beautiful surrogate friend I know was asked by Essential Baby to do a piece about surrogacy. She was unable to commit at that stage but put me forward and I had a long, rambling (me, ramble?! Never…) chat with the writer about all things surrogacy. This was the end result:

What it’s like to be a gestational surrogate

I got a little traction on here from some curious cats which was lovely and gave me the warm and fuzzies, but then THIS happened:

This was just the past 24 hours. OMG, New Zeland, you guys are AMAZING! The article was picked up by a media agency over there and has obviously gone bonkers. Wow. I feel so humbled and also fortunate that these great stories and experiences can be shared and followed. So thank you.

I’m on my phone so can’t waffle on any more (lucky for you). I’ll be back with more great news as it comes to hand xo


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