Quick update

I promise it will be quick- LOTS on!

I am in the midst of all things work, study, surrogacy and “mummy-ing”. Sometimes I think I do to much. Other times I am glad I have things to keep me occupied as I get REALLY bored REALLY easily and then I will do something silly. Like binge watch 27 series of something on Netflix.

Anyway, I digress. You are here for surrogacy.

We have gained legal advice and completed our joint counselling session. Nothing much to report on these as it all went well with no issues or areas of concern. Although the counsellor did comment how pleasantly surprised she was at how organised we all were and how much we had discussed before our appointments. Good news! We all need another session (separately) before reports are finalised and we can submit to the patient review panel (PRP). In this time we will also have an appointment with the clinic nurse to discuss my cycle and all things periods, ovulation, stirrups and transfer.

After we receive approval from the PRP, we have to sign some consent documents and then we can plan for transfer!

And when will all of this be? Well we are aiming for a midyear review panel sitting. We have also started talking about transfer dates (I have a spreadsheet lol) and have some ideas in mind but I am not in a position to elaborate any further about that just yet. Secret squirrel stuff between hubby, myself and KiT/CaT. Speaking of KiT/CaT- throwing some love their way- they are gorgeous in every way, shape and form and I am so excited about what is to come for us. They are lovely and attentive to our needs and we laugh often (boy do we laugh). The kids adore them and they like the kids (phew!).

Just one final disclaimer.

I was approached by a journalist to film a piece about surrogacy for TV. I did so, but disappointingly, it was pulled before air due to late breaking news about our government and upcoming election. I was upset about it as I thought I had something relevant to contribute to the piece about some positive changes needed to Australian legislation, but unfortunately it was not to be. Subsequent to that, I was approached by another journalist about responding to some surrogacy news that broke and I was happy once again to oblige if it meant highlighting that we as a community can always look to best practice when going down the path of surrogacy (as a surrogate or an IP).

I was shocked to discover that my motives were being questioned about my willingness to assist the media with such information. I have never chased journalists or the media. Never. I have never approached anyone to tell my story or sell my story. Never. I have simply been asked if I am able to contribute anything to the conversation about surrogacy. There are times I have accepted and times I have declined. I don’t do this for my ego. I do this as a supporter of surrogacy in Australia, as someone who can use knowledge and experience to help others. I am a firm believer that communicating misconceptions about surrogacy can only be a good thing and I encourage spirited discussion about it! If that makes me a “media whore” then so be it.

Speaking of discussion, I will be attending the Families Through Surrogacy Australian conference next month. I encourage anyone who wants to know more about surrogacy (here or overseas) to come along- the days are jam packed but are well worth it.


I am happy, excited and busily drinking all my stocked wine in prep for our future transfer (can’t drink it while pregnant and I don’t want to share)! And cake- I am eating lots of cake (why not, hey?).

Life is busy, but it is bloody good.


600 words- that is short for me!!



5 thoughts on “Quick update

  1. Hi Renee,
    So glad to hear your journey is powering ahead and the final pieces will go smoothly.
    What ashame things didn’t work out with the interviews,you are such an advocate for surrogacy and getting out what you would have said would have been so valuable for all to hear.
    Take care and best of luck with everything.
    Julie xxx

    Liked by 1 person

    • I don’t! I haven’t even seen it so I have no idea how it even came together. I asked if perhaps they could have an “additional footage” section on their website but this was declined.


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