Counselling is OVER!!!

I have been slightly tardy with my updating lately as things have been INSANE!!

Since my last update on the 3rd May, I have:

  • Participated in 5 collaborate sessions for uni
  • Submitted 3 uni assessments
  • Celebrated Mother’s Day
  • Organised and held a Ninja Turtle themed 5th birthday party for 20 kids
  • Made cake for said party (and everything else)
  • Held an antenatal session at our house for expectant parents of multiples
  • Hosted mum for 4 days and nights for a visit
  • Visited the IVF nurse at the clinic
  • Attended and participated in a sales conference for work
  • Went to the theatre to see Matilda the musical
  • Attended 2 swimming sessions with the kids
  • Worked 12 days
  • Studied my butt off
  • Caught up with KiT/CaT a couple of times
  • Ran TWO PB times at parkrun!
  • Was a kick-ass mum

And it is not going to slow down anytime soon.

In the next 14 days, I will:

  • See our chiropractor (need to make sure my body is in tip top shape in prep for transfer later in the year)
  • Submit another 2 assessments for uni and prepare for an exam (cue doom and gloom music)
  • Continue to study my butt off (I am almost there for the teaching period!)
  • Hopefully score another parkrun PB!
  • Have another couple of collaborate sessions for uni
  • Attend a 5th birthday party and possibly a couple more for family
  • Attend another swimming session with the kids
  • Enjoy a well deserved dinner out with some local multiple mummas
  • Attend and participate in the Families Through Surrogacy Australian conference in Brisbane
  • Visit my mum/sister while in Brisbane
  • Attend an info session on how hubby and I can be better parents
  • Work 8 days
  • Catch up with KiT/CaT again- KiT and I are going for a joint head/foot massage session soon- bliss…
  • Continue to be a kick arse mum

Busy busy!

Our last counselling session was quick which was good. Our counselor clarified a few points, we did some fact checking, she wanted to know more about our previous experience as well (I think she wanted to get as much info from an “experienced” perspective as she could before we walked out of her office) and told us she would get the report to us to read ASAP. The report was sent the following week and we made some amendments and sent it back.

TOMORROW is the deadline for the Patient Review Panel!

All up, we have submitted the following:

  • Application to the Patient Review Panel
  • Independent Obstetrician assessment
  • Letter from our hospital stating they will accept me as a surrogate again
  • Certified copies of Police checks
  • Certified copies of Child Protection Order checks
  • Certified copies of our birth certificates
  • Certified copies of the kids birth certificates
  • Psychological assessment- clinic
  • Psychological assessment- independent
  • Legal Reports

So about 3 trees worth. They will look through everything, ask for additional information (if needed) and then give us a hearing date!


KiT and I went to the IVF nurse as well to get a run down of what will happen when we decide to initiate transfer. This time we are doing a natural cycle (last time was medicated, and heavily so), so things are a little different.

I will go off the pill. On day 1 of my cycle I will contact our nurse and she will take bloods.

Then I will have a scan on day 10 and start tracking for ovulation. This will be done with a urine test and possibly also bloods.

When ovulation is confirmed, transfer will be booked in for the appropriate date.

Hopefully it will be as easy as that, but this is IVF and nothing is ever THAT straightforward. We can keep our fingers crossed though!


So from tomorrow onward, we are just in a holding pattern until we get our hearing date!

Pretty sure I have enough to keep me busy until then…


Just a quick post script.

I have been privy to a couple of conversations recently where surrogates or IP’s have been taking the another party for granted. I am trying to work with them to facilitate a positive solution for all but it is tough- particularly when no lines have been drawn about what is acceptable (from both parties). Victoria may have a perceived disadvantage when it comes to the length of time it takes to get to approval, but it is thorough which I have learned to appreciate. It also makes me appreciate the relationship I have with KiT/CaT. Whilst I am sure our journey wont be without its bumps in the road, I am glad we have put the foundations down for a strong communication plan should anything go off track.


6 thoughts on “Counselling is OVER!!!

  1. Good luck for the Patient Review Panel and the Families Through Surrogacy Conference, Renée. Your post script makes me think there needs to be discussion/sessions at the conference on best practice in all aspects of surrogacy, not just clinical but also ethical & behavioural. While surrogacy is a full-on experience for all involved, as my mum would say, that’s no excuse to forget your manners 😉

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  2. Hello,
    Good luck with the patient review panel,I sure hope everything goes to plan.
    Golly,you sure have been super busy,I am not sure how you do it but as always you are amazing.
    Hope these next events go smoothly and I will look forward to your next post.
    Couldn’t agree more with your last comment. Communication is paramount.
    Take care,Julie xxx

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