Just checking in!

I am here.

I have a pulse.

I am alive.

Is there “stuff” going on? Maybe. Maybe not.

Can I share any info if there is something going on? Nope. Sorry!

Be patient, my pretties. Be patient. Rest assured that if/when something happens, I will be blogging the shit out of it.

In the meantime, I am focusing on uni (who the hell picks a unit that has one assessment due EVERY WEEK?!), running and doing pump classes, volunteering, working and there’s some “being a mum” thrown in there also. (NOTE: These are not listed in order of importance 🙂 )

Life is busy but good.

Until next time xo


4 thoughts on “Just checking in!

  1. Ehhhh the suspense! It’s killing me! But I trust it will be worth it 😉

    Been thinking of you often lately, really glad to see an update. I have been reading – I’m sorry that I’m not commenting often. I find myself a bit of a broken record sometimes and almost get a bit sick of having nothing new or interesting to share. But I’m cheering you on I promise! Xxx

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