Thursday 16th June- I have a secret (delayed post #1)

***This is a delayed blog post from Thursday 16th June***

As I am being secret squirrel about all of this, you wont be reading this blog post for a while yet, but it is only 1 day after I told everyone that I was keeping transfer details a secret.

What I can now tell you is that I am currently on day 8 of my cycle and we are hoping to aim for a transfer THIS MONTH!!

Why so soon, you ask? Well it certainly doesn’t feel like we are rushing into anything. I am ready, my body is ready, KiT/CaT are definitely ready (there has been NO pressure from them though) and it just feels right. Logistically, it also works well for us to start straight away. I have to think about things like uni, family holidays and other things we have planned for the next 9+ months.

After we received our PRP approval, I went off the pill. My day 1 fell a couple of days later and I called the clinic. We already had a booking to see the FS on the Friday, so bloods could wait until then to be taken. On the Friday, we went to see the FS and chatted about the process:

  • Scan on or about day 10 with likely another to check things out
  • Pee on ovulation kits after day 10 (or thereabouts) scan
  • Once ovulation was detected, transfer would be scheduled 2 days later when the age of the embryos matched up with the days post ovulation I was. So lets assume I ovulate on day 14 as an example. This makes ovulation occurring on 22nd June and transfer on 24th June!
  • On the day, they will defrost the embryo (1 at a time) and if one fails, will thaw another
  • On the day, I have to arrive with a semi full bladder. It cant be too full but it cant be empty
  • No deodorants or soaps or fragrances on the day
  • And the best news ever- NO MEDS! A fully natural cycle which I am thrilled about

The FS was very careful not to get anyones hopes up. She said that we should expect it to take more than 1 go to conceive. Of course, we all hope not but need to be realistic. I then got jabbed for my bloods which so far all look great.

So tomorrow- bright eyed and bushy tailed- I will head into the city to see the FS for a scan at 7.30am. Then we just go from there. Part of me hopes that transfers or scans or blood tests can happen on the weekend or my day off so it doesn’t attract too much attention at work. Even this morning we had to sign some surrogacy documents so I got into work a little later than anticipated. I don’t want the rumours to start about why I had (or am having) time off. I have no time for gossipy sh1t and don’t want to have to make up reasons for not being in the office! I can’t even get a medical certificate as it will be VERY obvious what is going on lol

So this week (although it is exam week), I focus on doing my last exercise sessions using heavy weights and running my fastest at Parkrun. Once transfer comes, everything gets lighter and slows down. I will still exercise and work hard, just a little more carefully and in the same way as I have each of my previous pregnancies. I also plan to eat lots of sushi and drink lots of alcohol between now and transfer. I am a uni student celebrating completing exams after all!

I think I have done a pretty good job of juggling uni and surrogacy these past couple of months. I wouldn’t describe it as easy! I certainly haven’t been able to contribute 100% to each like I would have liked but I have done the best I can to get as good a grades as possible but also be there for KiT/CaT and all that they need. I think I have hubby to thank for that. He has been pretty awesome and VERY accommodating. I wont say he hasn’t grumbled here or there (don’t want to give him a big head) but he has been great. Although this morning when I was looking at myself in the mirror while getting dressed and commenting that I am really happy with how healthy my body looks coming up to this pregnancy, he did comment “do you have to get pregnant?”. Cheeky man.




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