Tuesday 21st June- Scans, blood tests and ovaries! (delayed post #2)

***Delayed post from 21st June***

On Friday 17th June, I dragged my body out of bed to have a scan with the FS. The scan revealed a lining thickness of about 4mm and not much else. I was told to come back next Tuesday (which is today) for a repeat scan. As it was a Friday, I would usually have the kids with me but we decided to pop them into care for the day. I took advantage of this opportunity!

I went to the shops, bought some birthday presents, a scarf for me, and some new pregnancy multis. I then headed off to the gym for a pump class (one of my last ones before I reduce my weights) and worked my arse off! I then had me a bit o’ Red Rooster for lunch (my fave takeaway) and then leisurely made my way to my Uni exam that was being held at the Melbourne Showgrounds. I was pretty nervous… I think (think) I did okay. I wont know until the end of the first week of July, so I get to stew on it until then. If I get between 35 and 40 out of 50 I will maintain my Distinction level so would be thrilled with that. Keeping my fingers crossed!

Over the weekend I relaxed. KiT and I went to have a head/foot massage on Saturday morning after my Parkrun. It was lovely. We wore these funny hats that heated up your head and I almost fell asleep about 3 times- it was so serene. CaT had made us some pasta bake so I took that back home with me. I spent a lot of the weekend just relaxing, having some vodka and wine, eating ham, sushi and other things I may not be able to eat for a while.

This morning it was back to the clinic for a 7.20am appointment. Lining is now 8mm (day 13) and I have a 14mm follicle which is great. FS doesn’t think transfer on the weekend is very likely, it will probably be Monday or Tuesday next week. I am disappointed my body couldn’t work towards a weekend- damn you, uterus and ovaries! lol I will just have to come up with a good excuse for work to leave early or get in late. On the way out from the scan, the FS commented “and we will probably start progesterone on Monday”. The look on my face said it all as I replied “Um, do we have to?”. It must just be scripted for her, because she corrected herself and said “actually no, we are fully natural. No progesterone”. PHEW! The plan from here is to start peeing on the Ovulation home test kits, have a BT every 2 days (started that today), so will be back on Thursday and Saturday. If I get a hormone surge on my kit at any time, I am to contact the clinic. If for some reason I haven’t had a surge identified through either a BT or kit, I will be back in to see the FS next Monday morning for another scan.

So this means I can probably have another full weights class at the gym, then try and pump out another PB on Saturday at Parkrun and maybe get a couple more glasses of wine in there too. On Sunday we have a surrogacy catch up which I am really looking forward to.

I so wish I could look into the future!! KiT/CaT are so excited and so am I. Although we are being realistic about our chances, I so want this to happen for them (and us) first time!!

Oh and I will end on a funny note. I am being open with our 5yo about what is happening with our surrogacy arrangement this time around. She is grasping the concept well and we talk about KiT/CaT putting a “babymaker” in my tummy (kid appropriate terms and all). The other day she said to me “Mummy. The baby is going to be a boy, I know it. Which I don’t like because I want YOU to have a GIRLfor KiT/CaT”. Time will tell!


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