Monday 27th June- COME ON OVARIES!!! (delayed post #3)

***Delayed post from 27th June***

I continued with BT and my ovulation pee kits over the weekend and NOTHING happened!

What is up with my friggin ovaries?!

Picture this:

  • Parkrun on Saturday morning- ran a PB (28.49 yay!)- 4°C
  • On my way home, drop off at a collection centre for bloods
  • Wait FIFTY minutes for blood to be taken!
  • In the meantime, miss the courier pickup
  • Get into chair
  • Get jabbed once- no blood
  • Get jabbed twice- no blood
  • Get jabbed 3 times- still no blood!
  • Lady scoots off and gets another collector
  • FINALLY we get blood!
  • Call clinic- too late for results, have to wait till Monday
  • And in the meantime, I look like a drug addict with 4 holes in my arms, complete with bruises…

Off to the clinic we trudge this morning. Kids into care at 6.30am and we hightail it into the city for a 7.20 appointment. CaT was there too which was nice and hubby came with me so we got a LOT of looks walking into the FS appointment together and even more at the clinic to see the nurse!

I got my dildo cam done. We haven’t missed ovulation! I have a “juicy” (tech term) follicle there, endometrium is thick and FS thinks that ovulation is imminent. We are just waiting for my hormone level to surge and then we can plan for transfer. Looks like the end of this week!

Then we all trudged over to see the nurse- I had another vial of blood taken and picked up some more ovulation test kits. All are hoping we see a surge today with the bloods, otherwise it is back for another BT on Wednesday. She did comment that some people never register on the ovulation pee kits so that made me feel a little better about not getting any lines.


How am I feeling? Better now that I know we haven’t missed ovulation. I am still excited about what is to come, complete with a little nervousness (no pressure from KiT/CaT but some from my own brain that I cant turn off), and throwing in some realistic expectations as well. Timing is great too cause Uni starts again next week, so that will keep me occupied during the 2ww.

On the weekend, Leah had a birthday party. It was at a playcentre- the parents had hired out the entire place. Well I had a ball! Running through the equipment (I had to duck), playing with Leah, climbing a rock climbing wall (cant do that when pregnant lol), eating lots of yummy food. I also did a pump class and parkrun. Oh and drank some vodka. It felt like a great weekend doing lots of great things before getting duffed. Not that I wont be able to do anything at all when pregnant but things will be different. I am totally ready for this. BRING IT ON!!!



My butchered arm 😦


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