Sunday 3rd July- And we are PUPO! (delayed post #5)

***Delayed post from 3rd July***

Australia has a lot of uncertainty at the moment. Our election yesterday showed no clear winner for our parliament- this will take a little while longer.

One thing that is certain though, is that we are PUPO!!! For the uninitiated, PUPO means Pregnant Until Proven Otherwise.

Here’s how things went down.

On Friday morning, I did my last pump class:


And ate my last sushi:


I went to bed feeling pretty good and had a solid nights sleep.

On Saturday I got up and had a quick wash. For transfer, I couldn’t wear deodorant, make-up, perfume, hairspray and no washing with soap. So basically I looked and smelled like death lol. Dad came over to look after the kids and we were on our way. We met KiT/CaT and KiT’s mum at the clinic and I signed some documents. 1 embryo only, please! KiT asked me if I needed to pee which I didn’t until she asked. CaT was very nervous and quiet. We kept busy taking photos and giving gifts. KiT and I both got one another a 2WW survival kit! In theirs was an adult colouring book with some pens, a Sudoku book, juggling balls, a memory game, pick up sticks, some “lucky” seeds and some everlasting gobstoppers. In mine was some lollies and chocolates, a unicorn t-shirt, some stick on moustaches (so cool), some pee sticks and the DVD Baby Mumma!


I got myself a sexy wristband:


(I am wearing my sacred surrogacy bracelet too)

Then we went in. While I was getting changed, the FS gave KiT/CaT and hubby the rundown that they had thawed 1 x 2 day, 4 cell embie. Unfortunately in the thaw, 2 cells hadn’t survived. Not all was lost because the cell had divided since the thaw so it was still a 4 cell embryo. But our chances had reduced from about 1 in 3 to about 1 in 5. “Here we go again”, I thought, remembering my transfer with Ethan and that roller coaster ride. I took a couple of seconds, gained my composure, took a deep breath and changed my mindset. I had let myself waver for a moment and I didn’t like it. A 20% chance is a great chance and one that if the FS was willing to bank on, so was I! After some fun photos in the chair/bed, it all began- speculum, clean out and then we see the little embie on the screen:


The dark area is the area of cell loss. The lighter area is the cells. You can just make out the bulges.

The embryologist bought out the catheter and in this little clump went! We are PUPO! I got dressed, we had a bit of a laugh with the FS and out we went. Next step was a visit with the nurse and she explained what was going to happen next, when BT was and gave some information about being PUPO. All pretty stock standard stuff for me but good info for KiT and CaT. CaT and my hubby had a funny moment when they high fived and hubby commented about CaT getting his wife pregnant. It was gold!

We went our separate ways for the moment, hubby and I headed home to relieve Dad from his duties and popped the kids in front of a movie (Zootopia) while we prepared our tax!

KiT/CaT and KiT’s mum came over later for dinner- roast lamb and gravy rolls with roast potatoes and it was DELICIOUS!! Then we hoed into THIS:


Transfer cake! With sperm and egg cupcakes!! So cool, so yum and so funny! KiT’s mum gave me some delicious NZ chocolate and hubby some bourbon- cant wait to get into that (the chocolate, not the bourbon)! We drank non alcoholic wine, had some laughs, battled the kids to bed and off they went. I was super tired, it was a big day!

Do I feel any different? Nope! Apart from some modifications to food consumed and backing off the exercise a little, I feel the same. I don’t feel any pressure, like I am carrying someones world on my shoulders or anything. I am excited but realistic. I know that it might take a few goes, but I will remain positive (and talk to a clump of cells that cant hear me).

What now?

We wait. Some spotting or cramping is not uncommon, so I won’t be afraid if that happens. Uni is starting again next week, so that will keep me occupied. KiT is off to the US for work- she comes back the day after BT! I am thinking that I get the clinic to hold onto the results until the next day, that way we can share the news when she is back in the country. I am not sure if we will POAS beforehand or not…


Before I go, I just wanted to touch briefly on the importance of keeping children informed about surrogacy. When that happens is completely up to the surrogate and her partner, but it is crucial that they are well aware of what is going on to avoid any confusion.

We use age appropriate terms for our surrogacy with KiT/CaT. We talk about “KiT/CaT’s babymaker” being put into mummy’s tummy. Then we comment that we wont know if it has worked for a little while. If it doesn’t work, we try again. If it does work, it will be a LONG time before the baby can go and live with KiT/CaT. “How long?”. “First we have daddy’s birthday, then the twins birthday, then we go on a holiday on a plane, then it is Christmas, then it is mummy’s birthday and THEN the baby will be born”. Whether they get this concept remains to be seen lol

Then there are the amazing things that our kids have said and done before and since transfer:

“Mummy, I am so excited that today you get KiT/CaT’s babymaker put in your tummy!” That was miss 5. She was so excited! I got it on video but she went a little silly when I asked her to repeat it.

When I got home from the scan, miss 5 rubbed my belly, then at night, she said “goodnight baby” and kissed my stomach.

The twins went looking under my layers to see if they could see the babymaker!

Miss 3.5 asked if it was a baby yet.

Miss 5 kept giving KiT big kisses and telling her that she loved her.

This morning, miss 5 came into the bedroom and asked if she could look at my belly. I said she wouldn’t be able to see anything, but she said “your tummy looks bigger, mum!”. I had to explain to her that it did but it was only cause I needed to pee lol

Proud mummy moment. xo

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