Thursday 7th July- Niggles (delayed post #7)

***Delayed post from 7th July***


Wait, spotting? Sometimes spotting isn’t a bad thing. It can be what is called “implantation bleeding”, where the embryo burrowing into the uterine lining can dislodge some of the endometrium, hence the bleeding. It is usually light, streaky and pinkish brown- pretty much what mine is. I am not due for my period for another week or so and this doesn’t look like the start of my period, so I am keeping my fingers crossed that embie is still doing its thang in there.

I told KiT. She said she wasn’t about to head out and buy a cot but agreed with me that it sounded positive!

You can seriously do your head in thinking about symptoms and what they mean. For every symptom that feels like a pregnancy symptom, it could also mean something else, like needing to go to the loo for example.

I have allowed myself to be slightly excited though. Watch this space!

We decided that because KiT is off on a business trip during my BT date that we would hold off on getting results until the next day. Just so she is home and we can all be together. I don’t like the idea of KiT and CaT being apart and getting any news (good or not so good). So I will get bloods Friday and then the clinic has been told to wait until Saturday to release the results. That is another day to wait. No POAS either! I think we can handle it though!

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