Monday 11th July- Onwards and upwards! (delayed post #9)

***Delayed post from 11th July***

Life is full of complications. Sometimes you need to be reminded that there are indeed times when things are not so complicated. I was reminded of that on the weekend when I got together with my family. I have sisters residing interstate, as well as nieces and nephews and we all got together on Saturday for a catch up! I wasn’t going to mention the failed transfer but that was taken out of my hands when miss 5 announced to my youngest sister “mummy had a babymaker in her tummy but it didn’t work”. It actually felt good to chat about it. The girls asked me lots of questions and I felt really supported. The definitely took my mind off things! Yesterday we went to see Finding Dory with our local multiple births association. 155 people, all families with twins or triplets in one cinema! It was so much fun. The kids ran amok but no one cared. I also ran a special parkrun with my sister and niece (4 seconds off a PB, damnit!), made a cake, cooked a roast and had craft time with the kids.

I needed that weekend. I needed to be reminded of the bigger picture and not just to focus on the now- something we can all get caught up with, particularly in the surrogacy community.

And now I look forward.

KiT and I have been checking in on one another and focusing on this new cycle. I am day 4 now. BT tomorrow and a scan next Monday 18th. I have launched into uni and it looks to be a challenging TP. I can’t believe I have chosen back to back exam units (sucker for punishment)! I spoke with CaT today and it was lovely. He needed a few days to get his thoughts in order (as did I), but reiterated that they certainly don’t blame me for a failed transfer and that they are still thrilled to be going on this journey with us. I have so much love for this guy in a big brother way. I don’t have any brothers, but if I did, I would want one just like CaT. He is respectful and kind, articulate and genuine. All great qualities in a future dad.

This 2nd cycle already feels much longer than the first. Bring on ovulation!!


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