Monday 18th July- A new plan (delayed post #10)

***Delayed post from 18th July***

Today marks day 11 of my cycle. Off to the FS for an early scan. 7.20am appointment. My car was in for emergency repairs, so hubby and I faced a race against the clock to get the 3 kids to care spot on when they opened (6.30am), then high tail it into the city for our appt time. I think we were 3 minutes late.

FS sympathised with our negative transfer. We spoke a little bit about my cycle and she is convinced that the bleed was because the embie just didn’t take. We spoke briefly about progesterone support for the next transfer. I outlined my side effects from last time and told her I wasn’t too comfortable with the idea. She confirmed that there is no hard and fast evidence to support progesterone support for a natural cycle, however some women make the request for it. We decided on this; 3 days after transfer, I will have a blood test to check for my progesterone levels. If they are not happy with the numbers, I will go on low dose progesterone once a day. I can live with that. I am glad I questioned it and we chatted about it. KiT is happy with that as well.

Ovulation kits from tomorrow onwards (so I have to drag my pee cup back out of the ensuite cupboard), another scan and bloods on Thursday, then more bloods every 2 days or so after that until we see a surge. Then another transfer can be booked! She believes that because of my lining and follicle size that I can expect to ovulate around the same time as last month. Lets see if she is right! I am happy with this because we are off to Ballarat this weekend to celebrate Christmas in July at Sovereign Hill and I would like to consume a couple of “happy beverages” to celebrate a fellow twin parents’ birthday.

I feel good about this cycle. Optimistic and excited!

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