Thursday 21st July- Can you feel the surge? (delayed post #11)

***Delayed post from 21st July***

Day 14 of my cycle today and off to see the FS this morning in this dreary Melbourne weather. She checked my bits and said that a surge may be imminent! If a BT doesn’t pick it up today, the one on Saturday should.

So the plan is:

  • Get results this afternoon. If no surge, repeat bloods on Saturday morning and transfer will likely be Tuesday.
  • If a surge is registered, Friday will be day 0, which will make Sunday day 2 and transfer day.
  • But we are away this weekend! Instead of coming back early, FS recommended growing out the embie overnight and transferring Monday instead. This would make it a 3 day transfer. We take a risk that the embie may die overnight but it pretty much means that it probably wouldn’t have taken anyway. It would save a transfer, the 2ww and a negative blood test… KiT was happy with that, I am happy with that.

Bring on the SUUUUUUUURGE!!!!



Bloods did not register a surge, so I am back for repeat bloods Saturday morning before we leave on our jaunt away for the night. Fingers crossed we see that surge, then transfer will be Tuesday!

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