Tuesday 26th July- The surge-ometer is POSITIVE! (delayed post #14)

***Delayed post from 26th July***


Day 19 and my ovaries are playing ball! Woo hoo!

I’ve called our nurse and left a message about my test. Still no idea where my bloods from yesterday have gone. Just awaiting a call and we go from there. Not sure if I will need another BT today or if bloods from yesterday will show anything. Transfer will likely be Thursday, Friday or even Saturday.

Friday is a totally crappy day to have a transfer. Pump in the morning, the twins MCH checkup in the afternoon (its their 3.5yo one so takes an hour each) then our surrogacy support dinner that evening! Not sure what we can fit in between all that lol Will wait and see though.


Got a call from the clinic. Transfer is THURSDAY!!! LH levels were 34.9 indicating a surge. Progesterone levels were 1.8 which is good for that time frame in the cycle. I will get them checked again next Monday to see how the levels are. If they are not rising adequately, I will be on some pessaries.

We should receive a text message tomorrow with the time and then we are all set!


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