Saturday 30th July- Florrie is on board! (delayed post #15)

***Delayed post from 30th July***

On Wednesday I received a text advising that our transfer would be  the next day (Thursday). And I haven’t stopped since!

On Wednesday night I was out for dinner with workmates from my previous role 12 years ago! I had my last glass of wine and overindulged with chicken schnitzel, chips, gravy and a lemon/lime tart for dessert.

Thursday hubby was my chauffeur and drove me to the clinic. I met KiT at an acupuncture clinic affiliated with the fertility clinic. I had a 1 hour session pre-transfer. First some needles in my back with a heat lamp, then I flipped over, had some needles in my stomach (with another heat lamp), some in my hands, legs and forehead. KiT and I listened to a lovely pre-transfer meditation which made us nice and relaxed.

Then off to the clinic! Had a muck around in the waiting area for a bit. I drank a bit too much water so emptied my bladder and then had to bulk up my water again! BP, HB and temp was checked (all good) and we waited for the FS. KiT/CaT gave me a cool nightie so I put it on for transfer. It is great for stomach expansion- lots of room!

Unlike last time, this embie looked AMAZING! 4 cell multiplied to an 8 cell and oh so pretty! We named the embryo “Florrie” as it looked like a blooming flower. A good sign! All went well and we headed back to acupuncture for another session. This time KiT got needles and we listened to a post transfer meditation. Sooooo nice. On the way out, KiT/CaT gave us another transfer cake which was so cool!!

Went to work then home to the madness of the kids. I gave them dinner and did the bedtime run while hubby hosted a multiple dad’s night out for our local multiple births club.

Friday was INSANE:

  • Pump class at the gym (I went down in weights now that I am PUPO)
  • Post Office
  • Childcare to pick up a jacket one of the kids left there
  • Lunch at Ferguson Plarre (we had sausage rolls and minion cookies)
  • Brow wax appt
  • Back to the shops to pick up some ingredients for cooking that afternoon
  • The twins maternal child health appointment. The 3.5 one that lasts one hour each!
  • Back home (we were out for 6 hours
  • Cooked a batch of pinwheels with the kids (ate some salami by accident, whoops!)
  • Showered and got ready to go on a DATE NIGHT!
  • Welcomed the babysitter
  • Hosted a surrogacy support dinner in Melb for Intended Parents and Surrogates
  • Got home after 12 midnight
  • Got into bed at about 1am

Today was just as insane

  • Got up at 7am for an 8am parkrun
  • Run/walked 5km (I slowed myself right down- running slow is HARD)
  • Back home for a shower
  • Off to swimming with the kids
  • Back home
  • My mum made a surprise visit to see the kids so she came over for lunch which was awesome. It was an unscheduled trip back home so I made sure I got lots of cuddles.
  • Post her visit I was smashed tired! Hubby (bless him) looked after and bathed the kids while I had a nap. Slept for about 1.5 hours
  • Got up and made dinner
  • Did a load of washing
  • Made lemon slice with the kids
  • Did the dishes and cleaned the kitchen
  • Couch time! I had planned to study but I am just not motivated tonight. Hence this update post!

Tomorrow I am looking forward to doing some shopping on my own and just having a quiet day. Next week is nowhere near as busy as this week, thank goodness!

I saw KiT/CaT at the surrogacy dinner. We spent time talking to different people but still had some great laughs. I drank lemon lime and bitters all night so we decided to tell people we were PUPO as it was totally obvious that something was up as I usually have a wine glass permanently attached to my hand! Everyone was so thrilled and excited for us. I also told my previous IP’s and they were so supportive and excited for us too. My parents and sisters know this time as well. I just feel like this time is different and that I am more positive about a potential positive outcome.

This week I also had an interview published again- about the possibility of compensated surrogacy in Australia. The writer was limited word wise, so there was so much more to say but I think it read really well. It has generated some good discussion which is positive! Article Here

So now we wait. I have told KiT/CaT that I wont POAS unless they are with me, so will see how things go logistically to work that all out. We just have to keep everything crossed that my period doesn’t spoil the party this time!

Currently Florrie is continuing to grow and develop, turning from a 6-8 cell embryo into a morula (12-15 cells). Grow Florrie, GROW!!!





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