Mummy time. And daddy love. (but not in that way, you filthy people)

***Although this is a current post it is historical in its content as I have only just got around to writing it now***

I want to interrupt this transmission with a post about my over the top love for my husband. Public adoration at its best lol

A couple of months ago, hubby announced that he was able to get bonus weeks at certain resorts courtesy of our timeshare. I am talking $200-$300 to stay at one of many resort options for a whole entire WEEK! We looked through the diary and found that within the stated time frame, plus taking into consideration our upcoming 2nd transfer, we had something on each week/weekend so weren’t able to go.

Of course we were pretty bummed about this but shit happens, so we made the decision to take up the offer next time.

Fast forward a couple of weeks and hubby had made a decision. He would still take the time off- work was really getting him down and he needed some time away. He booked the best week out of our options, paid the cash and told me that he would be taking the kids with him for 5 nights and because I had commitments that I couldn’t re-schedule, I would be staying home.

Lets just let that sink in for a bit…











Holeeeeeeey crap.

What emotions does a busy mum go through when faced with this situation? Let’s delve a little deeper.

  • Initially, one feels anxious. Will they survive? How will daddy cope? Will he lose one of the kids? If so- will our cost of living be cheaper?
  • That emotion is quickly replaced by a sense of dread. There is so little time, there is so much to do, how can we get this sorted?
  • Then you hit organisation mode and a little excitement creeps in. You make lists, plans, start to put things together etc
  • As they days draw nearer to their departure, denial hits. It is not going to happen. It will be too much. They wont cope without me (yep, I stupidly did think that), they will eat crappy food the whole time, they wont sleep, they will come home early.
  • That sense of denial remains through nights of packing, crossing items off lists, second guessing everything etc
  • I worry that with being on my own, I will just keep thinking about our upcoming transfer after our first negative and my brain will explode.
  • Feelings of relief, excitement, wonder, joy, amazement and immense love for ones husband hits like a freight train as the car containing 3 waving children and a hubby with a look of nervous bewilderment on his face turns out of the driveway and on its way.

I would be lying if I said I didn’t hop, skip and jump my way back into the house, vocalising my pleasure together with visions of grandeur in my mind as I imagined the sheer possibilities of what was to come for the next 5 nights.


Did it live up to expectations?


There were the jobs that I needed to do:

  • Uni work and assessments
  • Washing (I think I did 7 loads including bed linens)
  • General tidying
  • Major clean out of the study
  • Voluntary duties
  • Totally ruthless toy clean out (4 garbage bags worth)
  • Keep dog alive
  • Spring clean of kids rooms
  • Be a good employee and go to work


Then there was the good stuff:

  • Drank wine
  • Read magazines
  • Drank wine
  • Ate whatever I wanted
  • Drank wine
  • Binge watched TV
  • Drank wine
  • Did parkrun (not at the same time as drinking wine, of course)
  • Drank wine
  • Went shopping
  • Drank wine
  • Caught up with friends
  • Drank wine
  • Slept in till midday for the first time since 2010
  • Drank wine
  • Got dressed up to go out for dinner
  • Did I mention I drank copious amounts of wine?


Hubby sent me through lots of photos and videos of the kids. They were having an absolute ball! Swimming, bike riding, watching movies, bouncing pillows, playing in the kids area, mini golf etc. I bought them some presents (mainly arts and crafts) which kept them occupied also. They slept quite well so it meant hubby got to have some R&R as well which he desperately needed. There were small moments where I wish that I was there to see the kids having so much fun but they were fleeting. They even told me they didn’t want to come home! They told me to come up there so I could visit them at “our other house” lol

It was so great to just be “me” for a bit. Not mummy, not a wife, not a surrogate, just me. I relished the time and came to the realisation that I needed it and that I was so fortunate to have such an amazing husband that would take 2 x almost 4yo twins and a 5.5yo away for almost a week so I could have this time to myself. I didn’t waste it and definitely made the most of it. I also thought little of our upcoming transfer.

Hubby was exhausted but refreshed when he came back. I was refreshed but not quite as exhausted. The kids were excited to see me for all of 2 minutes and everything was back to normal except for the wonderful memories we all made.

Do you think I am pushing things if I ask him what his future plans for taking the kids away are?

Some of the photos that hubby sent through:


The twins playing mini golf.



Bike riding near the lake.



Walking back to the accommodation after swimming.

Tomorrows post will be back to all things surrogacy and our 2nd transfer. Transmission resumed.

One thought on “Mummy time. And daddy love. (but not in that way, you filthy people)

  1. What a wonderful post. So glad everyone had such a great time. You have such an adorable family.
    Good to hear you also got some well deserved rest and relaxation.
    Till your next post xxx

    Liked by 1 person

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