Thursday 4th August- Symptoms (delayed post #19)

***Delayed post from 4th August***

I am starting to feel things in my lower uterus. What could it be?! Its just too easy to get excited and jump to conclusions that I am pregnant. Could I be? Well yes, its a possibility. It could also be:

  • My period. But we don’t want that. Go away period, you’re not wanted here.
  • Needing to poo. TMI yes, but that can cause a heaviness down there. Pretty sure that’s not it though but I wont go into reasons why. 😉
  • Upset stomach. Don’t feel ill though.
  • Pulled muscle. Not likely.
  • Sex injury. Ha! Not possible (poor hubby)

I can symptom name all I want, but the fact is that I just don’t know. It is too early for anything to be certain. That is why the 2ww is such a head screw! It feels soooo much longer this month than last month. Ugh- come on next Wednesday!!!

At 7 days post transfer, implantation is continuing- burrow little Florrie, burrow in there nice and good.


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