Saturday 6th August- Messing with our brains… (delayed post #21)

***Delayed post from 6th August***

My period stopped.

What the actual hell?? The brain fuck starts again. Could we still be in with a chance for this cycle?! Did I overdo it at the gym yesterday? Did I eat all the right things? Thank god I didn’t drink myself into oblivion last night!

This morning all I had was brown spotting- like old blood. Confused, I called the clinic and went in for a blood test. I called KiT/CaT on the way to tell them the new, weird news.

When I went into see the nurse, she hinted that the bleeding coming and going might be a good thing. We spoke about possibly going on progesterone (fine), depending what the bloods said. She rushed them for me as well so the turnaround would be relatively quick- within 2 hours.

After phone watching for 1.5 hours, the nurse called. It is a definite negative for this cycle. No progesterone needed- now we just wait for the inevitable. My period.

I feel immediately tired again. I wasn’t hanging onto this glimmer with all my might but it was there in the back of my mind as a smidgen of hope. Made another call to KiT/CaT so they weren’t in suspense for any longer. I feel like I broke their hearts for the 2 time in 2 days.

Back to our scheduled cycle break until the end of the year…


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