Monday 8th August- Monday, Monday (delayed post #22)

***Delayed post from 8th August***

It is a typical Monday. I am tired and unmotivated to start the week.

I haven’t been sleeping well- just been in a bit of a funk which is to be expected. I will snap out of it soon.

We had a few things organised this weekend to keep our minds off everything that was going on. On Saturday after swimming we showered/bathed and then got into our pyjamas! We had some lunch and then spent the rest of the afternoon on the couch watching movies and eating popcorn as a family. It was nice. Daddy kept falling asleep so we laughed at him a bit. I then cooked pork belly and roast potatoes for dinner. I have never cooked it before so I was very pleased when it turned out well. Crackle took a LOT longer than expected though! Hubby and I had a few wines, some more couch time when the kids were asleep and then went to bed.

On Sunday we had a lazy morning. I actually had a snooze on the couch which I needed. Then we had lunch and high tailed it off to Luna Park! There is not much to do with 2 x 3.5yo’s and a 5yo but we all had fun- a free pass made it a pretty inexpensive trip. Back home and made some potato and leek soup for dinner with cheesy bread to dip. More wine was consumed.

I didn’t do any uni work over the weekend so I am a bit behind. Not sure I could have focused on it though. Back to the grind this week. I have an assessment due in 1 week that I need to make a start on. 1500 words on media convergence in Australia. Fun times!

Cue the #foodiepics


Potato and leek soup. Or as the kids called it, “potato and leaf soup”.


My pork belly. SUCCESS!


KiT sent this to us. So true. It made me cry.

I’ll be honest though. None of this really took my mind off things…

2 thoughts on “Monday 8th August- Monday, Monday (delayed post #22)

  1. I posted this quote on Facebook after our 8th and what would turn out to be our last failed transfer… It popped up as a memory this week from 3 years ago… Might be useful for you all at the moment…
    “Courage doesn’t always roar. Sometimes courage is the little voice at the end of the day that says I’ll try again tomorrow”.

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