Ask and you shall receive!

Well I put it out there. Into the universe. I allowed myself to be vulnerable and shared that I was feeling that way.

Literally the next day, an opportunity presented itself to me. I have to keep it on the down low but it is a dream opportunity and would allow me to do something I would love and be great at. In addition to this, our trip to QLD (where the weather was AMAZING) was short but very productive. We really want to make it a goer. IF the banks will let us. We need a private investor. Any takers? 😉

There are still some challenges- the kids. The kids. Did I mention the kids? They so want to be independent and its great to watch them learn but geez- when something doesn’t go their way… Uni (don’t ask). Family and friends who are going through some really rough times.

But I feel like that clarity I was hoping for is appearing. Slowly but surely.

I am excited, I can look forward and my funk is starting to turn into funky.

2 thoughts on “Ask and you shall receive!

  1. Hi Renee,
    I hope your new venture comes to fruition for you and things start looking up.
    I hope your family and friends get through all their troubles,uni we won’t talk about and yes,i know what you mean about independant kids. I have a fewvof them at school,sometimes I think,just let me do it,it will be a lot quicker but then i stop and think,this is what I am hoping you achieve,’Being Independant ‘. Hope that ine sorts itself out soon too.
    Take care my friend and I do think of you often xxx

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