Monday 22nd August- Where are you, little surgie, surgie? (delayed post #25)

***Delayed post from 22nd August***

Day 17 of my cycle today. Surge occurred day 18 last time. Hopefully we will be looking at a transfer this coming Thurs/Fri/Sat! I had bloods this morning but the surge-ometer I peed on didn’t show anything of much interest. Results will be in this afternoon and then if nothing is shown, I will be back for a scan and more bloods on Wednesday.

I had a lovely weekend. Pump on Friday, then parkrun and swimming with the kids Saturday. On Saturday night, hubby went out to watch the footy so I sat on the couch and watched a movie with some wine and chocolates after the kids went to bed. It was delicious. On Sunday, I volunteered for the Australian Multiple Births Association at he Pregnancy, Babies and Kids expo in Melbourne. We had a stand and our role was to offer information and support to those expecting or who have twins, triplets or more. It was a lovely few hours surrounded by pregnant bellies and I took the opportunity to get some samples and brochures for our antenatal night showbags which was great!

Sunday afternoon I saw Ethan! YAAAY! We met up with our IP’s from last surrogacy at a play centre and had so much fun! Ethan wasn’t into cuddles as he is an independent almost 2 year old lol but I did get a kiss and we played with balls and went climbing and down slides together. Seeing our 3.5yo twin man playing so gently with Ethan and his sister was so special and gorgeous to watch. IP’s were awesome as usual and we had a good catch up. While the daddies were looking after the kids, I took the opportunity to give IM a rundown of everything that was happening with us. They know we had transferred and it was a negative but that was all we got to over messenger. It was really nice to have a debrief face to face with someone who knows what it is like. IM looked me in the eye and with this wonderful and supportive look on her face, she said “This will happen for you. I know it will. Trust your body. Your body knows what to do. It just takes time sometimes.” Man, I needed to hear that! She made me feel at ease and confident that we will get there. I told her of my fears that embie numbers are diminishing- she just kept reminding me about IVF in general and that everything can mean nothing and nothing can mean everything. That Ethan’s chances were so low yet look at him now… I am so fortunate to have them in our lives and that they support my journey and want nothing but the best for us and KiT/CaT. In particular, they hope that the child I birth for KiT/CaT doesn’t have as big a head that Ethan did when he was born lol They are pretty amazing people and I am relishing in seeing them with the kids and as pretty great parents. It definitely was a warm and fuzzy moment even though I still have to remind myself at times that I did indeed birth Ethan!

So I am starting to feel the excitement creep back in. It is a good feeling. Now we just wait for that surge.

2 thoughts on “Monday 22nd August- Where are you, little surgie, surgie? (delayed post #25)

  1. It’s so great that you could catch up with Ethan and his parents! I feel like surrogacy brings a whole new sort of family to your life, it’s so special!
    Really hoping you are well and as always, loving these updates! I’m currently in the midst of injections and feeling pretty over it! Hopefully egg pick up in the next week or so. We’ll see how that all goes!

    Thinking of you and KiT/CaT xx

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    • Surrogacy so does- it makes you rethink the scope of what a “traditional” family is or means. I love that we can be close and see each other to celebrate milestones etc.
      I wish you all the best for EPU and a wonderful outcome- you deserve it. Thinking of you too. Mwah xo


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