Tuesday 23rd August- Surge-ometer POSITIVE! (delayed post #26)

***Delayed post from 23rd August***

Yesterdays bloods showed some movement in LH but not enough to class it as a surge. So it was back to the pathology place for more bloods this morning. The clinic faxed through my collection slip so I didn’t have to go back into the city which was great. The lady there recognised me from yesterday and was such a sweetheart. She wished us all the best of luck for this transfer which was lovely.

This morning I also peed on the surge-ometer. It showed a nice, strong line so we will definitely get some good numbers with my bloods today. I am day 18 today.


So assuming that a surge is registered, tomorrow will be day 0, Thursday day 1 and then Friday day 2 which would be transfer day! Good that it is that day because I don’t have to work but not so good as it is one of the kids home days. I think we will pop them in childcare for that day instead. Then there is no pressure and running about. I couldn’t have them with me at the clinic either. Mr 3.5 would probably take the embryo catheter and use it as a sword…

I am starting to get those little moments of secret, smiling excitement. Every now and then, my mind drifts and I imagine KiT/CaT as parents and my heart lifts and beats a little harder. It is a good feeling. This will happen for us.

The rest of the week and the weekend is pretty busy:

  • Book week dress ups for the kids Thursday
  • Chiropractor Thursday night (optimal uterus position for conception, here we come!)
  • Possible pump class Friday, depending on transfer time
  • Parkrun then swimming Saturday morning
  • Lunch with a friend after swimming
  • Visiting my nana after lunch
  • Hopefully catch up with IP’s on Sunday so KiT can give me my tummy jab
  • Hurstbridge Wattle Festival on Sunday (like a community fair) and I have booked for us to go on a steam train which the kids will love!

And next week is just as busy! Good to keep my mind off what could be happening in my guts.

Fingers crossed today’s bloods come in and are at a good level so we wont have to see the FS again tomorrow for a scan. Then we await transfer time!!



Bloods are in and the surge is official! 66.6 are my levels. Or as I like to call them- the devils hormone numbers lol

Transfer will be on Friday. Kids will go into care, KiT and I will do a pump class together if transfer is in the afternoon, we will get some acupuncture and listen to some nice relaxing music and eat some nice food and just concentrate on getting nicely duffed for which WILL BE OUR LAST TRANSFER! This will be the successful one. Good things come in 3’s…


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