Thursday 25th August- Transfer is booked! (delayed post #27)

***Delayed post from Thursday 25th August***

Just got a message from the clinic- transfer is booked for 1.20pm tomorrow!

KiT is only able to get half a day off work so wont be able to join me for pump but I will still be going.

My day will look like this:

  • Get up
  • Shove the kids off to childcare
  • Do a quick shop
  • Head to pump
  • Go from pump to acupuncture
  • Relax, relax, relax, get needles
  • Head to the clinic for paperwork etc
  • Have transfer
  • Speak with our surrogacy nurse
  • Have more acupuncture
  • Hang out with KiT/CaT for a bit
  • Head home PUPO!

On Sunday, KiT will come over to jab me in the guts with pregnyl (and again the following Thursday) and then we continue the waiting game until the inevitable and well deserved POSITIVE!

It is a little hard to feel excited at the moment though. THE most amazing surrogate and her IM (and their families) are going through the most devastating and terrible situation at the moment with the news that it is unlikely that their baby will ever take a breath. Their surrogate is 35 weeks pregnant and they received the diagnosis yesterday. I called KiT to tell her the news and we just sobbed together on the phone, our hearts breaking for them and feeling helpless that there is nothing that anyone can do. The thought that this could happen to anyone- including a surrogate- is so scary. I am scared for surrogates and IP’s, I am scared for us. But not so scared that I cant keep going, that I wont continue for fear of something like this happening. They wouldn’t want us to. You can read the blog post here. *Trigger warning*



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