Sunday 28th August- WE ARE PUPO! Again! (delayed post #28)

***Delayed post from Sunday 28th August***

Friday pretty much went to plan. Kids to care, shopping, gym and acupuncture. Then we had the transfer. Our FS was on leave so we had another specialist who was lovely. She did comment that third time was a charm! All went well and Jelly Baby is on board!!



JB looks GREAT with lots of cells and was dividing well. I think he/she looks better than number 1 and Florrie did before they were transferred.

In keeping with the ‘good things come in threes’ theme, I bought KiT/CaT a little goodie bag with everything I could find that came in 3’s, together with a 3rd birthday transfer card- complete with badge! There was a 3 pack of Kinder Surprise, a 3 pack of baby wipes, a 3 pack of baby spoons, a 3 pack of glue sticks (yep, sticky!), a 3 pack of pregnancy tests, a 3 pack of mentos and yep, you guessed it- a 3 pack of highlighters! They thought it was super cool.

After the 2nd session of acupuncture, KiT and I met CaT in the park for some afternoon tea. Hubby couldn’t make it as he was working, so I ate his cake for him! KiT said the ladies at the cake shop were a little confused when she asked them to put THIS on the cake…IMG_0378IMG_0377

And then we had to part ways so I could get home and make dinner for the kids. It really was a lovely day. I was buggered though. I went to bed early and ended up sleeping for 11 hours!! We have decided not to tell the kids (or anyone) about this transfer so it has been hush, hush since then (all of 2 days lol).

Yesterday was flat out busy. I gave Parkrun a miss (sleeping in was much better) and we did our swimming, lunch, visiting my nana and take away for dinner.

Today, KiT/CaT came over. It was to see the kids but it was also so KiT could jab me in the guts, or what we referred to as “the stabbing day”. After a false start and bumbling our way through, the pregnyl was administered!


It started off fun…


Then it stung a little…




And then it was done!

Hubby was chief photographer for posterity. We do another jab Thursday. Now I just sit back and wait for the pregnancy symptoms to kick in which is a side effect of having hcg jabbed into your body! We have decided not to POAS because even though the decrease in hcg can be seen with the tests (the line starts dark, gets lighter then hopefully goes dark again), KiT/CaT thought it would screw with their heads too much. Which is fair enough. So we wait for BT which is the 8th September. The pregnyl will likely hold off my period too so I can’t get too excited if I don’t have a bleed. So we just play the waiting game until then! 11 more sleeps…

The wait is going to KILL ME!!!!


Oh and PS. Yes, yes I did eat the chocolate PUPO plaque. It was delicious!



2 thoughts on “Sunday 28th August- WE ARE PUPO! Again! (delayed post #28)

  1. Oh my goodness Renee and team,so excited for you all. I sure hope it us third time lucky and I do hope good things come in three’s.
    Good luck with everything and due to delayed posts to us ,I guess you know the outcome by now do I do hope it is good news and can’t wait for your next posts.
    Love to all and all my good wishes coming your way.
    Love Julie xxx

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Ahh I so hope that this is it Renee! For some reason I always seem to have good feelings when it comes to you guys but I really hope I’m on it this time. You all deserve it so much! Keeping my fingers crossed for you all! ️Xx

    Liked by 1 person

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