Monday 5th September- Oh Pregnyl, my Pregnyl (delayed post #30)

***Delayed post from 5th September***

Gotta love pregnyl for making you feel… pregnant!

Sore boobs, heaviness in my uterus, bouts of nausea. IT FEELS LIKE I AM REALLY PREGNANT! But of course, it is still too early to tell. We are at day 10 post 2 day transfer. Bloods are Thursday and I want Thursday to be NOW!

We had hubby’s party on the weekend- it went so well! KiT/CaT were invited so came over and KiT and I pretended to have a couple of drinks. I am pretty sure we got away with it even though KiT is a TERRIBLE liar. I had an excuse to not go overboard because of the MASSIVE Father’s Day/Birthday celebrations we had planned for the Sunday:

  • Bacon and eggs for breakfast
  • Jurassic World Exhibition
  • Lunch at the museum
  • Melbourne Star Observation Wheel
  • Churros at San Churro
  • Swimming
  • Taco Bill for dinner!

It was a huge day and we are still smashed tired.

Trying to keep a level head about this transfer is like trying to think straight at a rock concert. COME ON THURSDAY!



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