Wednesday 31st August- Winter is over. Well tomorrow, anyway… (delayed post #29)

***Delayed post from 31st August***

I POAS the other day. Just for shits and giggles. I was surprised how fast the 2nd line appeared! It confirmed what we already knew- the Pregnyl had hit my system! Not a ‘real’ pregnancy just yet but we are hopeful.

This transfer feels much different mentally. I feel like I am a little more detached from it all- probably to protect myself if we have another negative. But also because I know I can’t read into ANY symptom, or even consider POAS because of the pregnyl. The worry about getting my period too early is somewhat diminished as well. The pregnyl should hold that at bay. In addition to this, I am completely forgetting about eating things on the foods to avoid list until they are making their way to my mouth! I have then sniffed said food and placed them gently back on my plate lol So we continue waiting until the BT on 8th September, that’s all we can do!

I am day 5 post 2 day embryo transfer today. Lil JB is a blastocyst and “continues to hatch out of its shell and begins to attach itself to the uterus”. Hatching. Attaching. Good stuff, little JB, good stuff.

As you know, I had my first jab of pregnyl on Sunday and my personal nurse is coming over tomorrow to give me the next one that I am due for. Because it is essentially a dose of hcg to trick the body into thinking it is duffed/pregnant/knocked up, there are some preggo symptoms flowing through. I want to eat #allthefood one moment and am then a little queasy the next. I am also so freaking tired!! I am in a perpetual state of weird tiredness, just like I get as I get to the middle of T1. It is creepy odd. I can also feel my ovaries and have a weird feeling in my lower abdomen like it is completely empty save for my uterus and ovaries and if I move quickly or jump, it feels like they bungee upwards in my torso towards my lungs. (GREAT descriptive sentence, tummymummy!) I also have a headache but that could just be kid induced.

This weekend hubby is celebrating his last year of his ‘dirty thirties’ and is having a party. Lord knows how I am going to get through such an event without people cottoning on to the fact I am not drinking. KiT and I have come up with some sneaky ideas about how we can fool people so hopefully that works! I cant just NOT drink. Waaaaay too obvious.

Wish me luck!!

Oh and just ignore my blog heading. Nothing really in here about spring at all- apart from new beginnings. And life. Happy SPRING!!


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