Wednesday 28th September- plodding along (delayed post #33)

***Delayed post from 28th September***


I have been blogging in between these posts but obviously not anything to do with the failed transfer. We are not ready to release those posts just yet (although reading this means we have released them- sounds like Inception!).

It has been a bit refreshing to NOT be checking ovulation, getting blood tests and scans etc. For those doing IVF and back to back cycles, I salute you cause its tough. Really tough.

I spoke with KiT the other day and she suggested another debrief with the FS so we will do that next week and then make a plan for a transfer post Nov holiday. Today I even ordered some new bathers to go swimming in!


Ooooh- pretty! (that pic is NOT of me, by the way!) I hope they look nice on me. They are a combo of sporty but cool looking as well. My current togs are okay but now that I have boobs resembling used teabags, I don’t fill them out like I used to. Sorry for that mental image!

So apart from that, we have just been plodding. Still trying to finance the business idea. Still excited about the other prospect. Still feeling a little jealous seeing other surrogates get BFP’s on their first transfer. Still studying. Still battling the kidlets!

But something else has also happened. Remember me telling you about my amazing surro friend and her equally as amazing IP’s who got tragic news about their bubba at 32 weeks gestation? They welcomed him into the world on the 19th September. They called him Hugo and he’s beautiful. Due to his condition (as yet undiagnosed), he was not long earthside before growing his angel wings at 4 days old in the arms of his mummy. The strength and courage shown by IP’s and surrogate from the time of diagnosis of an issue to this day has been amazing. They are the gold standard of what a surrogacy relationship should be like. Support, communication, friendship, love and respect. KiT and I have spoken about wanting to emulate everything they do well- which is pretty much everything! But it just goes to show that although surrogacy is amazing, there are still no guarantees. I wish there were. I wish that all surrogates and IP’s have seamless journeys- that it just happens because of the wonderful thing they are trying to achieve as a team.

Remember me mentioning that I wanted to run a half marathon? Well our 3rd transfer pretty much put it out of reach- or so I thought. Given everything that has been going on, I needed a focus- outside of surrogacy, outside of family, outside of work and outside of study. I KNOW that I am busy. I KNOW that I have a lot to juggle. But I also know that I would regret not doing it. So I signed up. I am running a half marathon on Sunday 16th October for the Melbourne Marathon Festival. 21.1km! The finish line is in the MCG and because it is an international event, the atmosphere is electric! So although I have not done much training and will have to walk some of the distance, I am excited and running is definitely a release for me.

And I will be doing it for Hugo.


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