Tuesday 4th October- Our next plan. (delayed post #34)

***Delayed post from 4th October***

This morning we ventured back to the FS to discuss what happens next. It was weird going back after a break. We had constant appts for over 3 months straight and then nothing… FS offered her condolences for our 3rd negative transfer. I swallowed hard at that. I hadn’t let the thoughts enter my subconscious for a while but being where we were, it smacked me in the face again!

It was the FS who mentioned a hysteroscopy first. We are 3 transfers down with 3 to go- if all embryos defrost (which they will). She suggested it would be a good idea just to make sure I am not contributing to the negatives. She explained to us that there were different types of hysteroscopies that were done- some could be in a specialists office, others could be done with a local and some with a general anaesthetic. It was the one with the general that she recommended for me. It means she could get a good look up there in my lady ute cavern and do any treatments if necessary. In addition to this, she will do a biopsy and an endometrial scratch to hopefully make my lining nice and fluffy- like a nice rug in front of a fire- fit for an embie to snuggle into. The hysteroscopy itself will look for things like fibroids, polyps, lining issues, scar tissue etc and we will get the results about 1/2 a week after the procedure.

So I am booked for later this month, around the time I ovulate so FS can check things out at that stage of my cycle. I will be in for day surgery and back home that evening. KiT will be coming along to keep me company and I will have to take it easy for the next couple of days. No running/swimming/pump for the weekend after the procedure. Hopefully hubby can keep the kids entertained while I have a Netflix binge. 😉 I will only need Panadol or Nurofen for pain relief so wont be expecting to be laid up for too long.

Then off we go on our holiday- hope my togs arrive in time- and upon our return will prepare for our 4th transfer! What’s that you say? Will there be cake? OF COURSE there will be cake! That is a GIVEN! We will also do pregnyl again which I am okay with. Then we all keep our fingers crossed that I will be spewing for a different reason on NYE lol

That cautious optimism is starting to creep back now that we are almost in “babymaker mode mach 4” again.


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