Hysteroscopy run down

I wish that the word Hysteroscopy didn’t sound similar to the word Hysterectomy. I have been scaring the bejeezus out of people when I mentioned the name of the procedure!  “Hyst-er- OSCOPY!”

Last Thursday went well. My beautiful IM, KiT collected me from home and we moseyed on into the city- chatting non stop in the car. Not sure we even drew a breath! We were running a tad late so KiT dropped me off while I told reception I was there. KiT/CaT gave me a gorgeous gift bag with some wine, magazines, chocolates, Panadol and a wheat pack in it. Everything that was perfect for the day and days post surgery- they know me too well!

I asked if KiT could come into the prep area with me- initially they said no but changed their minds quickly cause they thought she was my partner! We explained that I was her surrogate and they were absolutely fine with her tagging along. The first thing I had to do was a pregnancy test. Standard procedure. It was negative. As expected. Then I got dressed into sexy duds. I was allowed to keep my socks on and was rocking a blue paper gown and red hat. No makeup, no deodorant, no perfume, no soap!


(I have never felt so attractive)

Plenty of nurses coming in and out to ask questions about the procedure and confirm information. The anesthetist (aka. sleepy doctor) also came in to say hi and do prep. I am sure KiT and I kept everyone amused with our giggling and selfie taking. FS popped her head in (she was surprised to see KiT there for some reason) and said she would see me soon. Almost spot on time, I took all that was me in my undie-less sexiness to the operating theatre. A kind nurse took my dressing gown and I was ushered onto the operating table. Another lovely nurse stroked my leg and asked me questions about the kids as the anesthetist slapped my hand 1000 times to bring up the vein for the line. That is what fasting for over 12 hours will do to ones veins! She eventually found it and the mask went on. I HATE it when the anesthetic gas flows through- it makes you want to choke. I just focused on breathing and counted my breaths:

One. Two. Three. Four. Fi…………….

“Renee. Renee. Hi there, sleepy, the procedure is over and you are back in the recovery area”.

It was like no time at all had passed! I drifted back in and out of sleep as the nurse checked my vitals. I didn’t really say much, I was so tired. Our FS was called away so the only info I got was that “all went well, please book an appointment in 1 week to get your results”.  I asked if the nurse could tell KiT that I was out and she decided to just move me to the couch on wheels (yep- super cool couches on wheels!) and just roll me back to the 2nd recovery area. I felt REALLY good! Totally high on painkillers. I ate some biscuits, a Tim Tam and a LeSnack and had a drink of juice. I was quite hangry (hungry angry) earlier that day so it felt great to finally consume something!

Once I was able to get up and have a pee, I was able to go home. We had a massive laugh when I stood up and two blue plastic back hospital sheets were still stuck to my arse! I had one of those mattress pads in between my legs so I needed to change that before I got dressed. Blood loss wasn’t anything major- bright red with some small clots and for me, like day 4 of my period- the day after the heaviest day. I was told to rest up, use a heat pack if needed and take Panadol if I had any discomfort. I was told to expect cramp, like symptoms.

I was bundled back into the car and off we went! I have NO IDEA what we chatted about on the way home… I just cant remember! I do know that we got take away near home and it was delicious and so, so bad. (not that I cared at the time lol) KiT stayed around for the entire afternoon. She made lasagna for dinner as I dozed on the couch with a heat pack and watched some TV. She even folded our clothes and put away the kids stuff- what a gem.

The kids came home and were so sweet and caring and we ate our lasagne for dinner which was delicious! I went to bed early cause I was still a bit foggy and got a pretty decent sleep! The next morning I felt a lot more tender than expected. I thought I might have been able to do a bit more around the house but I was buggered, so kept up the meds and the wheat pack on my tummy. KiT/CaT checked in on me which was great and I just let the kids watch TV ALL DAY! I also ate my body weight in Maltesers.

I felt the cramping all through Friday and into Sunday. It knocked me around for much longer than I anticipated, I will admit! But KiT/CaT kept in touch, the kids weren’t too unruly (they did fight over who would reheat my wheat pack in the microwave) and we just took it easy where possible. Hubby (as usual) was a godsend.

I am now 6 days post procedure, cramping is gone and I only occasionally get a smear of old, brown blood when I wipe. KiT is away on business so CaT will come to the FS appointment tomorrow for an in depth run down of all things my uterus. I am confident that all will come back okay and we just have to hope and pray that we get a sticky with one of the last 3 embryos- hopefully the next one!

I will update with the appointment info tomorrow or over the weekend. xo


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