I HAVE NOT STOPPED since last posting, hence my delay in replying. 3 x Halloween events, the same again in birthday parties, a DATE NIGHT, and of course organising things for this coming week when we will have not one but TWO birthday celebrations- the twins are turning FOUR! I am pooped lol

Just a quick update re our follow up appointment. CaT came along with me as KiT was interstate for work. The FS said that everything looked great. She looked me in the eye and told me that I was NOT the reason why these failed transfers were happening. Although I had a feeling that was the case, it was nice to officially hear it! She gave me a copy of the pathology report full of  medical gibberish and some PHOTOS OF MY UTERUS! Talk about an extreme selfie lol (Don’t worry, I wont be posting the pics on here!) Everything looked clear and smooth and there was nothing concerning identified.

I will be back on pregnyl again next transfer which I am fine with. The plan now is that we wait for day 1 and go from there. Oh, and pray hard to mother nature for a sticky. In the meantime, we plan to have an awesome holiday and enjoy some family time.

You will next hear from me later in the month after I return all refreshed and relaxed from our time away. xo


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