*insert update here*

I’ve had this update page sitting open for 10 minutes before realising that I really don’t have much to write!

Life has been moving forward at a million miles an hour. I am busy being a mum, making memories, studying, training, eating lots of yummy food and working. So nothing outside the “norm”.

Surro stuff is still plodding along. There hasn’t really been much progression since last time so I have spent my impatient moments training for the running events that I can still participate in while not duffed.

The surrogacy conference was great but as usual, VERY draining emotionally. Lots of stories, lots of laughs, lots of tears, lots of hugs. Some AMAZING surrogates ran a surrogates only session which was really special. We spoke about our experiences and fears and it was such a unifying moment for everyone in the room. There was wine too which helped lol. I made a presentation and sat on a few panels which gave me the opportunity to impart my wacky, non filtered wisdom to the masses. I got some awesome feedback which was lovely and was very grateful for said opportunity. It is nice to know that your knowledge has assisted others.

I have slowly made my way back to the support groups, albeit in a decreased capacity. I no longer feel the need to comment on every post, write 1000 word answers and keep an eye on the pages on a very regular basis. I’ll still speak up if someone is being a dick though lol

And that is it, really! I am happy and healthy and looking forward to all the crazy stuff that is inevitably around the corner. I will post again when any exciting stuff happens! xo


4 thoughts on “*insert update here*

  1. Hello Renee,
    Always lovely to read your posts and updates.
    Your life sound busy but very rewarding.
    I too have heard great feedback from the conference and was sorry I wasn’t there to see you again.
    Your knowledge is incredible and will always remember your kindness and support you gave me when I began this crazy ride too.
    Take care and will look forward to another update. Love Julie xxx

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