Surrogate Talk with Renee- A Podcast

As I head into my final days (not weeks, not months!) of university, I am thrilled to have submitted a “passion project” for one of my units.

Because I study online, practical placement is not available so in its place is a subject called Major Project. For this project, you are asked to put together something that you are passionate about. It could be a short film, a website, an article, a blog (already done lol), a documentary or a podcast. It has to be something that fills a gap in the current market or narrative.

I chose to produce a podcast about surrogacy, called Surrogate Talk with Renee.

Unbeknownst to me, another AMAZING surrogate (and go to surrogacy lawyer for our community) Sarah Jefford decided to also produce a podcast. Whilst I haven’t listened to Sarah’s podcasts yet (I didn’t want them to influence my own work), I wanted to segue away from single experience interviews which I have heard that she does amazingly well and delve into something with a point of difference.

So I chose to focus on a resource that will be helpful to the family and friends of surrogates. The three surrogates I interviewed made comment and shared stories about their experiences with family and friends during their journeys and offered suggestions of how those family and friends can offer support to their loved one during her journey. In addition, one of Australia’s leading surrogacy and infertility counsellors, Katrina Hale, offered her views from a professional and experienced objective.

I feel really proud of the finished product. The insights are deep and relevant and I can’t thank my interviewees enough for allowing me to record their candid responses.

You can listen to my podcast HERE through an external blog link. I would love to hear your thoughts.

And if you want to listen to Sarah’s podcasts, you can click HERE. Cause you know, surro sisters gotta support one another!



3 thoughts on “Surrogate Talk with Renee- A Podcast

  1. Hi Renee,

    Thanks for sharing the podcast, I was actually really interested to listen to Carla’s story, as I am friends with Andy and Simon the boys who she did the traditional surrogacy for. Thanks for sharing and podcasts, I LOVE them. Good luck with it, it’s a fab way to share your story.

    Hope you are all doing okay.



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