I am a mummy of 3 gorgeous kidlets, living in Victoria, Australia.

On this blog you can read about my 1st and 2nd surrogacy journeys.

Altruistic surrogacy is legal in Australia. Commercial surrogacy is not. Surrogates are not allowed to receive a financial (or other) incentive for being a surrogate, nor can they be out of pocket. “Reasonable” pregnancy expenses are allowed.

I am a gestational surrogate, which means that the child I carry is not genetically mine. In our state, there are strict rules and regulations and a clinic and governmental board will oversee all of the processes.

I am writing everything that I think and feel about this process. I’m not going to hide my feelings or be anything less than truthful. I encourage questions to be asked. Genuine questions will be answered. I will not respond to any posts that are negative, inflammatory or insulting.

For those reading, I have abbreviated some terms that are outlined below:

IP’s- Intended Parents

IM- Intended Mother

IF- Intended Father

FS- Fertility Specialist

Ob- Obstetrician

Surro- Surrogate

PRP- Patient Review Panel

BFP- Big Fat Positive (pregnancy test)

BFN- Big Fat Negative (pregnancy test)

PGD- Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis

If you want to get in touch via email, my address is tummymummy11@yahoo.com.au


7 thoughts on “About

  1. You are truly an angel. My husband & I have had four heartbreaking miscarriages. Each baby was tested and it was healthy. I have no trouble getting pregnant but for medical reasons I struggle to carry. I’m looking for a surrogate mother. We have embryos in storage. If we could find an angel like you, we feel it would be a miracle.

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    • Hi Kiki and thanks for your lovely message. I am truly sorry for your losses. That is great that you have embryos in storage- it gives you a great advantage when looking for a surrogate. Best of luck in your search for your special lady xo


  2. I’m loving reading this babe you are amazing 😉
    Your honesty is so refreshing and I’m learning so much
    Thank you for sharing something so special not once but twice xx

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