The other day I received a message from one of my wonderful friends who advised me that when accessing my blog on her phone, a spam pop up would appear and she was not able to read my blog.

Obviously this was of concern for me, so I commenced investigations straight away.

I tested and checked my computers for viruses and malware (all was clear).

I also did a bit of googling and found that this was a recent issue with some WordPress blogs so I contacted WordPress and received the following reply:

“Hi Renee!

Thanks for reaching out!

Our Ads team recently identified and blocked a couple of advertisers that were submitting the malware popups to our advertising network, which were showing up on mobile devices. We haven’t had any other recent reports of the popups, so it appears to be resolved.

Could you ask your visitor If they’re still getting the popups?

If they are, they might want to try clearing their browser cache to make sure they’re loading the latest version of your site. We have some information on how to do that here:


If it is still happening, could you ask them for the following information, to help us track down the advertiser in our logs?

  • Their device’s browser and operating system.
  • Their IP address (they can go to whatismyip.com to find this)
  • The URL of the page that the ad takes you to.
  • If possible, a screenshot of the ad that hijacked the browser.

That will help us track down the bad-acting advertisers, so that we can block the ads.



IF you have cleared your cache are still getting these messages, please email me at tummymummy11@yahoo.com.au with a screenshot and the answer to the above information. I will have it looked into as a matter of urgency.